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DG Shipping indos no checker- Do it Here

Have you applied for new INDOS number or do you submit for some corrections? Well if you want to see or check you INDOS information online, about its genuine nature then, you can visit the link below.
This link is called as DG Shipping indos no checker. We will guide you to check it fast and easily

DG Shipping indos no checker

1) Open the link which is given below
2) You will come across a window asking you to select what you want to check. As same link can be used for checking the COP as well.
3) Select indos in that and enter you indos no. After entering your number, you have to enter you date of birth as well.
4) After that press, search and it will open all the details related to your INDOS number.
5) If you have any correction to make, then contact you nearest MMD
6) This Same link can be used to know about following like GMDSS, COP DC Endorsement, CDC as well.

DG Shipping CDC checker

If you want to check your cdc about the details which are mentioned in that are correct or not, then follow the instruction below.
Go to the link which is provided below and follow the same instructions as mentioned above for the indos checker.
Note: If you see that the information mentioned in the checker is wrong or your number does not show anything then, you need to contact the academy or institute or MMD for further clarification on this matter.
This checker can be used anyone who want to scrutinize the authenticity of the indos. It is valid for all seaman and institutes offering the maritime courses all over India. This checker makes it easy for us to heck everything online and saves lot of time and money as well.


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