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How To Pursue Your Career After Marrying A Sailor

Smooth seas never make good sailors and similarly smooth life choices never make a sailor queen. To all those girls who have ever felt conflicted in their life choices, I dedicate this article to them.

How to Pursue Career, After Marrying Him

Marrying a sailor is full of questions which are out of the ordinary. After all this matrimony is extraordinary in its own way. The sailor being headstrong, he has to go after every 2 or 3 months leaving his queen behind and the girl gets stuck between the choices of whether to choose her career or to leave everything behind and go on sail with her husband. Well there is no easy option out of this one, but some adjustments and compromises can be made from both sides so as to face this decision.

Let’s first take into consideration all those brave women who choose their careers. Hats off to them that they are able to face reality logically and practically. These headstrong queens deserve applauds. They maintain their career despite so much distance from the one they love and care the most. This is one tough option. You can enjoy what you were doing before marriage and patiently wait for your sailor to come back while diverting your entire mind on your job. Yes you miss them the most because you face the longest time without them.

In this option, however if planned carefully, you can pay a visit to your sailor for 15- 20 days and see his life too. Plan your leaves in such a way that you get a long time off and you can join him when the ship reaches the port and schedules to stay near the land only so that you can enjoy ports as well as sail. At other times, sign up for events and gatherings of like-minded people or interests or lead one of them. For example try getting together a group of sea-farer’s spouses in your city/area, plan monthly outings, play games and enjoy yourselves.

Next we come to those queens who can balance a career and sail as well. You can do some freelancing work on board. Enroll yourself to some blogs or work from home websites that can give you some options to work in your free time. Be careful in choosing this platform as sometimes on board the internet is slow or maybe completely absent. Therefore you need to make sure that the person on the other side understands your situation and is willing to give you work according to that only. Go for some travel blogs as it becomes easy to get related to those, dreams

These freelance writing options will improve not only your sense of being but will also give you confidence to talk to people on board as you can tell them what you are actually into. Sometimes, these people and the life you are living become your influence and motivation to give writing a chance.

You never know what you can pen down until you actually expose yourself to this peaceful life. Honestly, it did wonders for me. You can also end up making little money out of an activity you are exceptionally fine at.

Another option that I can correlate to is some distant learning courses that you can enroll and study for on board. This will help you occupy your mind and will also keep you busy while you are at home. Find some courses as per your interest and here also you make sure regarding your schedules to be on land and on sea so that you can be there for your exams or physical presence whenever needed.

While doing so, you learn new things, you keep yourself busy both on land and sea and you get a degree as well. If you are good at something, try taking it to the next level.

Another option is not about career but to keeping yourself busy on board as some women opt for this too. Remember “an empty mind is where the devil resides”. Keep yourself engaged in any constructive or recreational activity when you find yourself unoccupied with work. Pursue a hobby or a leisure activity. Reading, writing, listening to music, watching a movie, learning to play an instrument, drawing, painting or just spending time playing with kids or chatting away with your parents.

It will help you keep all your negative thoughts and energies at bay. As a result of which you will find yourself more productive in whatever you undertake. Always remember that socializing with people from different backgrounds make you learn a lot and gain a lot of experience.

Life is what you decide to make of it. Believe in yourself and gear up to take everything in your stride.

Dr Vinita Vashist
Being married to a sailor, loves to write and share the thoughts and experiences on behalf of all the queens. Some day would love to have my passport full of stamps from around the world. In my free time i enjoy music and experimenting in the kitchen. Being a Professional Maritime Blogger, I enjoy writing every bit of it.

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