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Starting Diesel Generator: 10 Checks Before That

Starting diesel generator, 10 checks before doing that have been discussed in this article. These are very basic, yet very important checks that you need to carry out before starting diesel generator. If any of these checks are not kept in mind, it could lead to serious damage to the machine.
Diesel generator one of the most critical machinery onboard and needs to be taken care of. They are fulfilling the need of ship power requirement. Here we will discussing these 10 checks for a diesel generator, which are given below:

  • Sump oil
  • Fuel Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Filters
  • Cooling Water for both generator and alternator
  • Governor Oil Level
  • Alternator Bearing Oil
  • Pre lube pressure
  • Air Pressure
  • Oil Mist Detector
  • Fuel Racks are easy to move
  • Excitation
    So, let’s discuss them in details as what exactly we need to check here.

Starting Diesel Generator- Necessary Checks

Sump Oil
It is among the most critical checks. A low sump oil will lead to low level alarm for the same when the generator starts as the lube oil flow will increase. Also, if a any water is present in the lube oil, it will indicated here. Also the color of the lube oil will show an abnormality. An increase lube oil level will show that water is leaking in to the sump spaces
Fuel Oil Pressure
Check that fuel oil pressure at the inlet of the machinery is good enough and should be in the range of 4 -7 bar depending the on the grade of fuel we are using.
Lube and fuel oil filters
Check both are not dirty as fouled filters will give low pressure to the generators. Also clean filters are preferred for a smooth running of the machine. If filter was cleaned quite recently, and it is getting dirty again and again, then the quality of lube oil or fuel oil is not that good. Needs to be checked.
Cooling Water for Generator and Alternator
Make sure the flow is not restricted for both of them and the air vents are working normally. If automatic air vents are not present, just open a pressure gauge fitting, and it will release any excess air present in the system. Check the temperature. Also make sure that jacket water preheater is working satisfactorily.
Governor Oil Level
Check the level of oil in the governor and its color also. Mostly governors are electro hydraulic type now. Thus maintaining oil level and quality is quite important.
Alternator Bearing Oil Level
It is having same importance as the sump oil of the generator. It provides the lubrication and cooling effect as well. Level and color should be changed.
Pre Lube Pump Pressure
Make sure that pre lube pressure is sufficient. This is important for starting as there will lubrication all around the moving parts.
Note: Running a generator without having pre lubrication pump on will lead to serious damage to the moving parts and bearings, when engine picks up the speed.
Air Pressure
Check the control air and starting air pressure is enough. Otherwise the safety system will be affected a lot. Also less starting air pressure will lead to failure of Start of the generator.
Oil Mist Detector
Make sure that Oil mist detector is working perfectly fine and sensors are cleaned properly and calibrated also. A faulty sensor will put engine on danger if any actual mist formation occurs inside the crankcase.
Fuel Racks
Check the movement of the fuel racks. They should be free to move. If they are not that means fuel pump is stuck or some other damage has happened. Lubricate the racks with a mixture of lube oil and diesel oil.
Check that the excitation of the generator winding is correct and working is working fine. Although there is a interlock of generator not starting if there is not excitation.

This was all from the article on starting diesel generator checks that you need to carry out. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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