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Why Maritime Piracy Is a Good Thing for Shipping

No, Piracy is not a “GOOD” thing for shipping industry. We changed the title so that you can know about how grim the situation of maritime piracy is and why it is the worst thing happened to the shipping sector. Latest Orkim Harmony Piracy activity again raised the question on the maritime safety.

Why Maritime Piracy is Worse Thing happened to Shipping Sector

Here are some of the thoughts we have about this.

Sailors Lost their Lives

They went to the sea, to roam around world and earn some good money for their family. The wait for them for some families is still there…… So many sailors have lost their lives in piracy related incidents in the world, and some are still unaccounted for.

Mental Tortures

Those who came back from the piracy related incidents never gone back to shipping world again. Well obviously the exceptions are everywhere, but most of the either quit the shipping or doing inland waterways vessel.

Quality Man Power Reduced

Many qualified sailors have quit their jobs, because they found better jobs on the lands. Only thing that kept them for sailing was the love for sea. And when it became dangerous, they had to comeback.

Financial Loses

Not only seafarers are affected by Maritime Piracy, but lot of losses were faced by shipping companies as their cargo was either stolen or was taken somewhere else. Small players suffered a lot.

Tourism Greatly Affected

Earlier cruise ships used to sail everywhere. But, now they have lot of restrictions on their movements. Thus blocking the ‘free to roam’ idea of international waters.

Stress and Depression

In many ships, piracy related events pushed the crew to stress and depression at sea. And in some cases the condition become worse like not working, asking for sign off.

Sign Off before That Area

Those who sailed with their families on sea, must be knowing how hard it is to keep on sailing. Nowadays families sign off well before the pirate areas starts, thus creating more inconvenience to the sailors out there. Company to avoid liabilities towards the families, usually ask for prior sign offs from family members.

Shorter Routes Became Longer

Due to Pirate activities, ships have to alter their courses, thus increasing the travel time and also, some have to change courses immediately upon the warning. Fuel is costly, time is less.

Wrong Signal To Freshers

An industry runs because of the man power, and if the very base of the industry is not sure about joining it, the whole industry goes back to unskilled and old talent. Lot of merchant navy aspirants cancelled their plans to join the commercial ships.

Environmental Damages

In various pirated related activities, a heavy impact on the environment like damaging tanker vessels, leading to oil leakage, or throwing cargo at sea, which is considered dangerous for marine life.

Extra Work Pressure and Hours

Those preparations before the High risk areas are painful for seafarers, rigging up of barbed wire is a tough job and then preparing of fire hoses throughout the length of the ship too. Keeping those anti piracy watches just add to the burden, especially when you have to be at the front without any weapons which makes it more difficult and dangerous for the seafarers.

The Final Words……….

A well lot of things were done and are being done……but the situation is still grim. In fact the piracy affected areas have increased. The Malaysian region is the latest one. One thing is certain, if this is not dealt in proper manner, be ready to train robot for ships. Because we love our family and sea also, but that for peace not for guns and tortures. The choice is yours.

Hope you enjoyed reading this wrong title article: Why Piracy Is a Good thing for Shipping Industry.

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