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Why and How I Became Sailor, Which I Never Thought To

Read this interesting story of a guy who tells how and why he became sailor even though he never planned to join one. Let’s read this one.

Born and brought up in Defence family I was influenced a lot by jets flying day and night above our Air force quarters back when I was a little kid. Every time I would hear jet engines throttling I would rush out to our kitchen garden or front porch to grab a glimpse however possible. I use to get awestruck every time.

Journey Towards Joining Merchant Navy/ Being Sailor

I did my primary schooling from ordinary school, but I was willing to join some good school and I shared my desire with father. My uncle was staying in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh during those days and he brought into my knowledge of Sainik School, which is only boys boarding, then I prepared for entrance and got into the school which was the first achievement of my life and I knew in my heart that this is the place I wanted to be.

later I got transferred to Sainik School Kunjpura, Karnal because my father was posted in Chandigarh and they (my parents) wanted me to be near. Like this I spent seven years in Sainik School, or I would like to say seven crucial years of life when a Kid’s brain can be moulded in any manner.

Taking the dreams in eyes of becoming a fighter pilot, I completed my schooling but somehow could not make it.

I never wanted to follow the traditional rat race of becoming an engineer, or a doctor and frankly speaking I was not someone who was willing to dump himself in books for months just to get a good rank in Entrance examination and then finally join the race.

But then I was not willing to live an ordinary life too, There was a time so much was happening inside me, I was out of the school, could not join Airforce, my parents being a middle class were hardly capable of paying for a good private college because they already spent their savings in my schooling.

I cried a lot and yes I am not hesitated in telling this, I did cry a lot numerous things went inside my small mind, “You are nothing now” “you should commit suicide” like this I kept crying, sobbing badly using pillows to restrict my voice from going out of the room, and kept introspecting, every drop of my tears educated me. When I finally stopped I was at the point of taking another stone turning decision of life.

So what If I could not fly in sky? I will sail over oceans. The answer was there.

I worked towards knowing this field everything was satisfying my desire, no ordinary, extremely thrilling, good pay scale, job satisfaction, practical, not a 9-5 desk job, charm of whites, purely non traditional, elite opportunities, everyday something new happening on board, in sync with nature and natural beauty, new experiences around the globe, lavishness and above all away from the chaos of daily lifestyle.

I completed my pre sea training from Training Ship Rahaman , got job offer from fleet management and on 14th Feb 2012 I had my first valentine, MV Western Stavanger. I was sailing for real.

today I look back at the boy I was, I wish to time travel to him, pat his back and smile.

“your life’s gonna rock” is all I want to say.

I am proud of myself and entire seafaring community but the civilization is yet to realize our contribution.

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