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USS Mustin Challenges China Claim of South Sea Islands

Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Mustin passed through the Paracel Islands in South China Sea on 28th May. Destroyer did maneuvers around Woody Island and Pyramid Rock which are part of Paracel Islands. This was sort of challenge to the claims of Beijing in this part of sea, which as per other nations is under international waters.
It comes amid, when tensions between Washington and Beijing are intensifying especially with latest Hongkong Scenario. Paracel Islands comes under the international waters and China over the years has been wrongfully showing their rights on them. Such a move across the these islands is just a reminder to the Beijing that, exploitation of international territory or showing your claim on them is totally not accepted. Over the years, Vietnam and Philippines have bitter relations with Beijing over the ownership of several islands in the South China Sea.
Image Credits: US Navy, used for information purpose only.

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