Shipping Industry

Shipping Companies List in Delhi and Chennai-Updated

In this post i have given the list of shipping companies that are present in India or have offices in India. We have given the Address and other relevant information related to these companies. Such information will be useful in case you are planning a visit to the office or applying for a new job! Shipping Companies in Delhi 1) ANGLO EASTERN […]

Shipping Industry

List of DG Approved Shipping Companies in India

In this article list of Shipping companies registered with DG shipping is given. The campanies here are separated on the basis of three regions Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkatta and RPSL numbers of shipping companies are also given below their names. Let’s see them one by one. DG approved shipping companies List of registered Shipping company in Chennai  Tradex Shipping Co. (P) Ltd. RPSL-CHN-001 Adarsh Ship Management […]

Shipping Companies Interview
Shipping Industry

Shipping Companies Interview Questions- Part 4

In this post, question related to what is asked in the interviews of various shipping companies have been discussed. Also the answers to these questions have been discussed. You can also, read in much more details about these topics, in order to get the depth knowledge. Let’s discuss these questions one by one. Question discussed here are having medley of […]