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Shipping Companies Interview Questions- Part 4

In this post, question related to what is asked in the interviews of various shipping companies have been discussed. Also the answers to these questions have been discussed. You can also, read in much more details about these topics, in order to get the depth knowledge. Let’s discuss these questions one by one.

Question discussed here are having medley of topics and you will find questions from various topics, compiled in one place. The basic idea here is to provide an insight of how the questions are asked in the shipping company’s interview.

Shipping companies interview questions- Part 4

1.      Which is the biggest port in India? Ans. Mumbai
2.      How will you classify the tanker ships? Following are the classification of tankers ships:
a)     Handymax- Those tankers having dead weight in between 35000-58000 tones are called as Handymax.
b)     Panamax- Those tankers ships having dimensions according to the Panama Canal are called as Panamax.
c)      Aframax- Those tankers ships having dead weight smaller than 120,000 metric tons and breadth is above 32.31m.
d)     Suezmax- Those tankers ships having dimensions according to the Suez Canal.
3.      Define, Enthalpy and Entropy?
Ans- Enthalpy for a thermodynamic system represents how much is the total energy present in the system. Sometimes Enthalpy is also considered as a heat content present in the system and present under the constant pressure condition. The S.I unit of enthalpy is Joules.
Entropy: It is defined as the disorder that is present in the thermodynamic system. Actually entropy is the heat contained in a system that cannot be used do work by the system.
4.      What are the three modes of heat transfer?
Ans- Conduction, Convection and Radiation
5.      What is capacitor and Inductor?
Capacitor is passive electrical equipment having two terminals, which is used to store charge. Capacitors are used in various equipments like electric motors.
6.      What is the meaning of Indicated Horse power and Brake horse power, and difference between the two?
Ans- Indicated Horse Power (IHP) is defined as the theoretical value of power available at the shaft.
         Brake Horse power (BHP) is defined as the practical value of power available at the shaft.
7.      What is refrigeration and air conditioning?
Ans- Refrigeration is a process in which the temperature of a space or its contents is reduced to below that of their surroundings. Air conditioning is defined as the process of conditioning of air as per human comfort.
8.      What is the purpose of ISM code and what ISM covers?
Ans- ISM is made to ensure safety at sea and to prevent human injury or less of life. It also emphasis on avoiding damage to the environment and to the ship.
ISM covers following things
a)     Construction part related to the ships and related machineries.
b)     Equipment that are related to the shipping industry
c)      Stability of the vessel and proper cargo loading.
d)     Operating limits
e)     The operating parameters.
f)      Qualifications and training of vessels crew.
g)    Vessel Maintenance emergency procedure
h)    Health and safety consideration.
9.      Name different types of distress signal?
Ans. Four rocket parachute flares, six red hand flares and two buoyant smoke signal.
10.  What is the procedure of launching life boat?
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