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Engine Room Fire Fighting: Explained With A Case Study

Fire is one of the most dreaded accidents on board. Engine Room Fires more so, because of the difficulty in actual Engine Room Fire Fighting exercises and also the presence of hazardous flammable vapors that always pose a risk to make the accident even more life threatening. During training programs, we all have discussed at length and often come […]

Shipping Industry

Controllable Pitch Propeller System Fails-How To Take Ship To Port?

CPP systems are used in various merchant vessels. They have advantage of good maneuverability. But if this system fails, then it might create lot of problems. In many ships having this arrangement steering gear is not present. So, if it fails then it is very difficult to steer the ship. CPP system uses the hydraulic oil to change […]

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Shipping Industry

ISM Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually Safety Checks on Ship

International Safety Management System Safety checks that needs to be carried on board ship are discussed here, have a look at them. ISM required regular checks up of the safety equipments and other machineries for safe navigation and to safeguard the seafarer who are working onboard. Every Company has its own checks lists, but mostly […]