International Safety Management (ISM) Code, two generators are running in parallel, Generator Not Stopping on Stop Command
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two generators are running in parallel and one of them loses excitation

In this blog post, we will discuss what happens when two generators are running in parallel and one of them loses excitation. Excitation is the process of providing a magnetic field to the rotor of a synchronous generator, which enables it to produce electrical power. When a generator loses excitation, it can no longer supply […]

generator protection devices
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Marine Diesel Generator Protection Devices

Generator Protection Devices have been discussed in this article and they are as follows: ●      Over Current Inverse Time Relay OCIR ●      Over Current Instantaneous ●      Negative Phase Sequence NPS ●      Current Differential ●      Earth Leakage Relay ●      Under And Over Frequency ●      Lock Out Trip ●      Reverse Power Trip ●      Over or Under Voltage […]

crankshaft deflection and bearing clearance
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Crankshaft Deflection and Bearing Clearance Measurement

This article discusses about the crankshaft deflection and bearing clearance measurement in details. Both of the process is crucial for the any engine onboard. But here we will focus our approach towards the main engine only. But for crankshaft deflection related to generators is more or less same. Read this interesting article: Main engine crankcase […]

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What is Tappet Clearance and how to take and adjust?

This article discusses about the importance that tappet clearance holds in 4 stroke engines and how we adjust it. Tappet clearance is of utmost importance in the 4 stroke internal combustion engines. In this article we will discuss deeply about this concept and will also know as how to adjust it. What is Tappet Clearance and its Importance Tappet clearance is the […]

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Marine Engineering Practice Questions And Answer-Part4

Here are some of the questions for oral preparation for your engineer COC examinations. This article covers the Marine Engineering Practice questions. These are the questions that we are covering in this article. Some of the questions have been taken from social platforms as well. Marine Engineering Practice Questions 1)    Freshwater Generator  Starting Here you […]

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What is Emergency Generator, Starting and Stoping Procedure and Maintenance Required

Emergency Generator like any other normal generator on ship is required for the purpose of production of power (Electricity). But as name suggests, it is to be used in case of the emergency like Black Outs, getting ship to live after dead condition. Since the entire generator on a ship lies in the engine room, there has to be […]