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SUEZ CANAL blames Ever Given Was Moving Too FAST in Canal

Suez Canal Authority have stated that the container carrier Ever Given was moving in canal at a higher speed than needed and this what led to grounding of the ship. As per the media reports, the chief of canal authority said that the design of rudder is at fault also and was not made as per the requirement of the ship. SCA Chief also said, if Captain felt that weather was not right, he could have just said no for entering the canal.

Legal Battle between the ship owner and SCA (Suez Canal Authority) is just heading for a non ending debate. On the other hand, lawyers of ship owner have stated that the weather, improper communication between the pilot and canal management and lack sufficient resources like additional tugs led to grounding of ship.

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  1. The Captain is in Command. The realety is… The pilot is giving the orders. He has the local knoweledge.

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