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Singapore Revises Crew Change Requirements: Updated 19th June

Shipping hub Singapore has revised the requirements for the crew change in their latest circular. Just for the information of the readers, 6000+ crew changes have been carried out at this port city in the lockdown phase. Following are some of the changes in the requirements:

  • Now ship can sail off after port clearances and don’t need to wait for the seafarers to go out of the country during sign off.
  • Designated holding facilities now available for seafarers who, for some reasons not able to sign on or departs Singapore after sign off. But this will be approved in special cases only. There are two facilities which have been approved. This starts from 2nd July as MPA giving 14 days quarantine time in the home country for the seafarers who wish to join.
  • Fit to Travel certificate can be issued by the video conferencing of the concerned seafarer who are planning to sign off.
  • Meet and greet services to be taken by the concerned parties who are wishing for crew changes at the Changi International Airport. This if for the signing on crew members. In these services, a local agent receives the seafarers from the plane and guides through the airport process and drop at the location where agent picks up the crew members.
  • Application for the crew changes to be made online from the link given below and to be done 14 days before the designated crew change date.

These changes comes at a time when the country moves into phase 2 of the lockdown opening.

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