Stranded Seaman Yet To See Sea News

Stranded Seaman Yet To See His New Born Daughter

Abhiram Oak is a Merchant Navy officer and currently sailing. Due to travel restrictions imposed by the lockdown he was unable to sign off on time, and thus is stuck on ship since then. Originally planned to get off the ship in month of March, so that he can be at home during the times of birth of his first child, is now been dragged till June itself with no sight of sign off. He even says that they are not even allowed to step on port land too (Jetty).

With god grace everything went fine with the birth of their child, but being not there with the family when it needs is actually mentally affecting him. So does many of the sailors all around the world. Everyday his wife send him videos and photos of their new born daughter, which is the only medium for him to be able to see his new born child. All the plans that they have made went for a toss.
Due to COVID Travel restrictions, crew changes have been greatly affected and around 3, 00,000 seafarers are stranded on ships. When this plight is going to get over, no one knows this. But sailors are mentally and physically exhausted by this.

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