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MEO Class 4B Exam Questions and Answer of MEP

In this post we have given the list of the questions that were asked in oral examinations of 4B. In this post I have picked some of the famous questions that were asked in the Marine engineering practice oral exams. Answer to these will be published shortly. If you have any suggestions, please drop a reply below.

Oral Question Bank for MEO Class 4B Examinations

FUNCTION 6: Marine engineering practice

1. Explain how will you o’haul a fuel injector
2. Explain how you will change gland packing of a pump.
3. What is a SDNR valve?
4. How do you o’haul a globe valve?
5. How does a gate valve work?
6. If a gate valve is stuck, what could be the reason?
7. How is a job centered on a chuck in a lathe
8. What safety precautions will you take if working on a lathe?
9. What is a reamer? Where is it used?
10. How does a Quick closing valve work?
11. How do you reset a QC valve after operation?
12. Is there any difference between relief valve and safety valve?
13. Explain how will you prepare for Bunkering?
14. How do you set tappet clearance?
15. What are the steps to take after a blackout at sea?
16. How do you pressure test a fuel vale?
17. How will you replace an exhaust valve seat?
18. How do you install a bearing on a shaft?
19. How do you specify pipe size?
20. What do the numbers on bearings mean?
21. What is the common size between different schedules of a pipe?
22. If an A/E does not start what will be your action?
23. Your action if T/C is surging?

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24. Why is a Steam trap used in condensate return lines?
25. How is gas cutting done?
26. How many valves are there on a gas-cutting torch?
27. How do you light a gas-cutting torch and adjust the flame?
28. How do you set up a new pipe for welding?
29. What is GPR/GPO/LH electrodes?
30. How do you select the correct current setting for welding?
31. Crank pin bearing clearance
32. Telescopic feeler gauge
33. Piston removal procedure
34. Welding defects?
35. Bridge gauge main brg clearance
36. How does a Stud extractor work?
37. How does a chain block work?
38. What are the safeties on cargo cranes ?
39. What are the safeties on ER crane?
40. How is the load controlled during lowering?
41. How is the E/R crane load tested?
42. Fuel valve not coming out?
43. Setting exhaust valve timing
44. Pumps o’haul?
45. Type of drill bits?
46. Types of threads?
47. Pipe schedule?
48. Important dimensions of flanges? Types of flanges?
49. Indications of scavenge fire? What action will you take?
50. Where are wear rings used? What is their purpose?
51. Boiler gauge glass? Reflex type? Blow through procedure?
52. .ISSA code book?
53. SG hunting gear?
54. Axe blade? How fitted?
55. Load test?
56. SCBA pressure testing
57. Welding surface preparation
58. No water in GG ? What action
59. Flaring tool
60. What is an ermato joint?
61. Why is a copper gasket annealed ?
62. How will you supervise a lub oil Filter cleaning?
63. What precautions have to be taken during cleaning of SW line filters?
64. What is a Dead mans alarm
65. What will be your action if your Reliever appears drunk
66. Your oiler appears drunk. What is your action?
67. Compound gauge?
68. Method of blowing through gauge glass
69. Pump shaft broken? Suggest epairs?
70. What is Gear Back lash?
71. What are different types of gears seen in ship?
72. What is hunting tooth
73. Why is gear oil different others?
74. What are the different types of Taps and Dies?
75. Why do you take Ullages? How do you calculate liquid quantity?
76. What is VRF?
77. What do you check up while opening piston?
78. Q closing valve operation? Why do you shut the valve again before
79. Start airline getting hot – what action?
80. Draw a LS of ball bearing fitted on a shaft.
81. What is a lip seal? Sketch
82. Sketch a mechanical seal.
83. Exhaust bellow sketch?
84. What is a dresser coupling
85. What is Bumping Clearance? How do you measure it?
86. Why is a centrifugal pump started with its discharge valve shut?
87. How will you align a pump to its motor?
88. What checks will you make on a bottom end bearing bolt?
89. How do you measure ovality of a crank pin?
90. How does hydraulic tightening work?
91. Why is the jack turned back a little while slackening?
92. What will you check in UP space inspection?
93. How will you do crankcase inspection?
94. Shipside valve is leaking into E/R. What will you do?

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