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IMU CET Chemistry Sample Paper

IMU CET Chemistry Sample Paper have been given here with answers to all the questions. Practice these imu cet sample paper for more knowledge.

IMU CET Chemistry Sample Paper

Here are the 25 questions for imu cet chemistry sample paper:

imu cet sample paper


  1. The specific conductance of 0.1 N KCI solution at 23°C is 0.012 ohm-1cm-1. The resistance of cell containing the solution at the same temperature was found to be 55 ohm. The cell constant will be

a)142 cm -1                                                   (b)  0.66 cm -1

(c) 0.918 cm -1                                       (d) 1.12 cm cm -1          

  1. An ideal solution of benzene and toluene boils at 1 atmospheric pressure at 90° At 90°C,benzene has a vapour pressure of 1022 mm and toluene has a vapour pressure of 406 mm. the mole fraction of benzene in the solution is
  • 284 (b) 0.364

(c) 0.574                            (d) 0.475

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  1. The alcohol, having molecular formula C4H9OH, when shaken with a mixture of anhydrous and conc. HCI gives an oily layer product after five minutes. The alcohol is
  • H3C-(CH2)3-OH

(b) (CH3)2CHCH2-OH

(c) (CH3)3C-OH

  • H3C-CH(OH)CH2CH3
  1. How many moles of Mgln2S4 can be produced when 1.00 g of magnesium (at. Mass = 114.8) and 1.00 g of Sulphur (at. Mass =32) react?
  • 74 x 10-4s
  • 1 x 10-2
  • 17 x 10-2
  • 7 x 10-3
  1. If the cell –edge length of CsCI is 0.4123 nm and the ionic radius of a CI ion is 0.181 nm, the ionic radius of a Cs+ ion is

(a) 0.176 nm              (b) 0.231 nm

(c) 0.352 nm              (d) 0.116 nm

  1. Which of the following will undergo dehydration fast?

imu cet chemistry sample paperQuestion no 7 .0005 mole of strong electrolyte, Ca(OH)2 is dissolved to form 100 mL of a saturated aqueous solution. The pH of this solution is

a)   12                                                                                (b) 11.7

(c) 9.78                                                                               (d) 3.3

Note: This imu cet chemistry sample paper is just for practice purpose.

  1. Bromine is added to cold dilute aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide. The mixture is boiled. Which of the following statements is not true?
  • During the reaction bromine is present in four different oxidation states
  • The greatest difference between the various oxidation states of bromine is 5
  • On acidification of the final mixture, bromine is formed
  • Disproportionation of bromine occurs during the reaction
  1. For the first order reaction, Tav (average life), T50 and T75 in the increasing order is
  • T50 < Tav < T75                                   (b) T50 < T75   < Tav 

(c) Tav  < T50 < T75                                   (d) Tav =  T50 < T75  

  1. Potassium phthalimide on reaction with compound (A) followed by hydrolysis forms neo-pentyl amine. Compound (A) is:-

imu cet chemistry sample paper

  1. An electron in H-atom in its ground state absorbs 1.50 times as much as energy as the minimum required for its escape (13.6 eV) from the atom. Thus , KE given to emitted electron is
  • 6eV (b) 20.4eV

(c) 34.0eV                                    (d) 6.8 eV

Practice this sample paper of aptitude subject.

  1. NaAIH4 reduces an ester into HCHO and (CH3)2CHOH

Thus, ester is

(a) HCOOCH (CH3)2                               (b) (CH3)2CHCOOCH3

(c) HCOOCH2CH2CH3                               (d) CH3CH2COOCH3

  1. Identify the intermediate for which the rearrangement is not possible.

imu cet chemistry sample paper

  1. An aqueous solution of colorless metal sulphate M gives a white precipitate with NH4 This was soluble in excess of NH4OH. On passing H2S through this solution a white ppt is formed. The metal M in the salt is

(a) Ca                             (b) Ba

(c) Al                              (d) Zn

  1. Which electrolyte is most effective in causing coagulation of ferric hydroxide sol?
  • KBr (b) K2SO4

(c) K2CrO4                                    (d) K3{Fe(CN)6}

  1. Which of the following is the strong acid?
  2. A reaction proceeds 5 times more at 60°C as it does at 30°C. Its energy of activation is

(a) 10.75k cal mol-1

  • 75 k cal mol-1
  • 75 k cal mol-1
  • 35 k cal mol-1

Q 18>E-1-chloro-2-methyl cyclohexane Alc KOH/E2 →
Predominant Product is:-

imu cet chemistry sample paper

  1. Copper sulphate reacts with KCN solution ( in excess) to form
    (a) Cu(CN)                                          (b) CU(CN)

(c) K3{Cu(CN)4}                                              ( d) K4{CU(CN)6}

  1. The pH of 0.5L of 1.0M NaCl after the electrolysis for 965 s using 5.0A current ( 100% efficiency ) is
  • 00 (b ) 13.00

( c) 12.70                          ( d) 1.30

  1. One gram of hydrogen and 112 g of nitrogen are enclosed in two separate containers each of volume 5 L at 27°C, If the pressure of hydrogen is 1 atm, the pressure of nitrogen would be

(a) 12 atm                   (b) 4 atm

(c) 8 atm                    (d) 16 atm

  1. [Co(NH3)4(NO2)2]CI exhibits

(a) linkage isomerism, ionization isomerism and optical isomerism

(b) linkage isomerism, geometrical isomerism and optical isomerism

(c) linkage isomerism, ionization isomerism and geometrical isomerism

  • Ionization isomerism, geometrical isomerism and optical isomerism
  1. A laboratory reagent imparts green colour to the flame. On heating with solid K2Cr2O7 and conc.

H2SO4 it evolves an orange red gas. Identify the regent

(a) CaCl2                     (b) BaCl2

(c) CuCl2                     (d) None of these

  • When FeS2 is burnt in air, it converts to Fe2O3 The change in percentage by weight of iron in the process is ( Fe = 56)

(a) 23% increase                    (b) 12% decrease

(c) 12% increase                     ( d) No change

  1. 16 g of an ideal gas SOx occupies 5.6 L at STP. The value of x for this gas is

(a) 1                 (b) 2                (c) 3                (d) 4

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