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MEO Class 4B E-Pariksha Questions and Answers of Marine Engineering Knowledge

MEO Class 4B E-Pariksha Questions and Answers of Marine Engineering Knowledge have been discussed here. Questions that are present here were asked in the previous year and hence they become important, in order to get insight of what is been asked in these exam:

Function: Marine Engineering at Operational Level

Marine engineering knowledge for Class 4B MMD exam

1.      Sketch
and describe a pneumatic control system for controlling temperature of main
engine lubricating oil at outlet of the cooler and –
(a)    Explain
why air supplied to a pneumatic control system must be free from dust and water
(b)   Describe
how above impurities are removed ;
2.      (a)
Describe the events leading to a crankcase explosion.           
State how overheating might be indicated other than by
a mist detector.    
State how severity of a crankcase explosion is limited.
State FOUR operational conditions that may lead to
vibration of the main transmission shafting.
methods to reduce the vibration levels that may occur in the main transmission
4.      How
is the mathematically straight line obtained from which the height of the axial
center-lines of the bearings are measured when establishing a true shaft line?
5.      (a)  How do stabiliser fins operate.                                                                                  
How are stabiliser fins controlled.                                                                 
reference to fuel handling equipment:
      (a)  Explain why a settling tank is considered
      (b)  Describe, with the aid of a sketch, the
operation of a purifier;   
7.      Explain
how an oily water separator is put into operation and shut down after pumping
8.      When
a waste heat boiler is installed in the exhaust of a main propulsion diesel
engine, the exhaust gas bypass would be used ____________.                            
at high loads to prevent overheating              
at low loads to prevent corrosion in the boiler           
during periods of high steam demand                       
when the turbocharger is in operation            
Briefly Justify your Answer                                                                     
9.      It
is desirable for an auxiliary boiler safety valve to pop open and reseat
quickly to __________.                    
(a) give warning that
excessive boiler pressure has been reached
(b) prevent wire
drawing of the disc and seat                  
(c) prevent valve
sufficient blowdown                          
        Briefly Justify your Answer
10.  Which of
the following statements is correct regarding grades of pipe?
(a) Stainless steel
pipe is manufactured in four general grades.
(b) Brass pipe is
manufactured in three common grades.
(c) Copper pipe is
manufactured in two common grades.
term “extra strong” is normally associated with schedule 160 steel
Briefly Justify your Answer
1.      A
main engine liner which was recently overhauled and its sealing rings renewed,
started leaking during the voyage. Write a letter to the owners suggesting what
you propose to do in the next port, to ensure that such a problem does not
reoccur again.
2.      The
muffling of exhaust gas noise in 4 stroke auxiliary engines in achieved by
(a)    Allowing
the gas to expand.
(b)   Change
the direction of their flow.
(c)    Cool
the gas with injected water.
(d)   Cool
the gas with scavenge air.
State which of the above is true
and which is false. Give adequate reasons for justification.
3.      Supercharging
an existing medium speed naturally aspirated engine will
(a)    Reduce
weight of the engine.
(b)   Reduce
bulk of the engine.
(c)    Increase
existing power.
(d)   Increase
piston speed.
(e)    Reduce
fuel consumption.
Give an appropriate answer to the
statement made above, giving adequate justification.
4.      (a)
Values of some main engine exhaust temperatures displayed in the engine control   room differ from those displayed on the
engine for the same cylinders.              
(i)  Explain
how it may be determined which readings are inaccurate.
State possible reasons for these inaccurate readings.                   
Explain how the location of the faults may be detected.
(b)   State
the periodic checks, which should be undertaken to ensure that remote engine
instrumentation is reading accurately.
5.      Name
the various types of gears and state which types may be found in marine diesel
engine practice, either on engines or within propulsion reduction gearing.
6.      With
reference to main engine control systems, state what is meant by:
(a)  Two step action;                                                                                            
(b)  Proportional control;                                                                                      
(c)    Offset;                                                                                                           
Give examples
of each type, used in the control system.
7.      (a)  Sketch a simple line diagram showing a
shipboard aerobic sewage treatment 
(b)  Describe the system sketched in  above and explain its operation.                           
8.      Sketch
and describe an auxiliary boiler suitable for installation in a motor ship
showing clearly the arrangements for utilising exhaust gases and the burning of
oil fuel simultaneously.
9.      Define
the indications of a leaking cylinder starting air valve. Suggest with reasons
the possible consequences of permitting a leaking starting air valve to remain
in this condition for an extended period of time. Identify those factors
leading to such leakage. State how leakage can be largely avoided in practice.
10.  Sketch in
detail a section through a hydraulic 
governor as fitted to medium speed unidirectional engines. Explain how
it operates under frequent and wide load changes.
1.   S & D the operation of a governor suitable for diesel engine
for A.C. generator
2.   Sketch and describe an independent two-stage air compressor. Draw a
set of typical indicator diagrams and insert the various pressures and
temperatures. Indicate the effect of a leaking H.P. suction valve and excessive
H.P. clearance volume.
3.   Discuss the various factors affecting the failures of crankshafts
in marine diesel engines.
Detail the procedure
of calibrating a cylinder liner of an auxiliary diesel engine.  How the results should be presented for
future reference.
The exhaust manifold
of an auxiliary engine under load turns red hot.  There is no lagging on the manifold.  What efforts would you make to cool down the
manifold?  State the efforts made without
stopping the engine.
During every night
watch, the bridge watch keepers complain of continuous sparks from the
funnel.  You are convinced that the
sparks have something to do with the fuel or the combustion system.  What simple corrective steps would you
initiate to reduce the degree of sparking.
The main requirements
which a fuel injection system must fulfil are
accurate metering of
small amount of fuel oil
control of quality of
fuel injection
proper timing of the
fuel injection
selective distribution
of the fuel in the combustion space
each one of the points made above are true or false.  If any point you perceive is false, state why
is it so.
An auxiliary engine
under load continuously fluctuates even with a steady load.  The fault you diagnose could be owing to
the quality of fuel
the quality of
servicing of the governor in the last port
the supply of charge
the overhaul of fuel
injectors done in the last decarbonisation
Give a brief explanation as to why each of the above
mentioned points either could be true or cannot at all be the reasons for such
a fluctuation.

With reference to a 2
stroke slow speed main propulsion engine air starting system
State, with reasons,
Three safety features incorporated in an air starting system.
State with reason why
an engine may fail to turnover on air.
10. The diesel driven life boat engine simply
refuses to start after running perfectly for a period of half an hour just
before you prepare it to restart again . State just 4 check you would make to
confirm the cause of this problem.
up a notice on the Lube Oil Purifier, to keep a close eye on the Lube Oil level
on the sight glass, which is not giving a clear indication of the level owing
to the glass being damaged. Suggest some precautions in the notice.
and describe a crankcase relief valve fitted on to large 2 stroke marine diesel
engine crankcase doors.
The crankcase of many diesel engines are kept under a
slight vacuum by the ______________.          
(A)    scavenging
action of the piston                                
(B)    piston
type vacuum pump taking suction off a differential manometer                               
(C)    gland
exhausting manometer                        
(D)    crankcase
exhaust fan                                   
Justify Your Answer.                                                
Lubricating oil systems for diesel engine journal
bearings are usually lubricated by which of the following types of  lubricating oil systems?                                  
(A)    Splash                                                           
(B)    Gravity                                                          
(C)    Pressure                                                         
(D)    Bypass                                                          
Justify Your Answer.                                                
Which of the following conditions can cause above
normal air temperature to develop in the intake manifold of a four-stroke/cycle,
turbocharged, diesel engine?  
(A)    Clogged
air intake filters                              
(B)    Piston
(C)    A
defective aftercooler                                 
(D)    Faulty
exhaust valves                                   
Justify Your Answer.                                                
When may the crankcase ventilation pipes or oil drain
pipes of two or more engines be connected?    
(A)    Propulsion
engines under 1000 shaft horsepower may share a common crankcase vent provided
the oil drains remain separate.                                                    
(B)    In
most cases it is desirable and cost effective for propulsion engines to share a common crankcase
ventilation and monitoring system.                          
(C)    No
interconnection may be made between the crankcase ventilation pipes or oil
drain pipes.                   
(D)    None
of the above are correct.                                 
Justify Your Answer.                                                
Which of the following statements describes the
unchecked growth of microbiological organisms within a fuel system?
(A)    The
dying bacteria will cause a coating to be formed on the sides of the tank
thereby decreasing corrosion.      
(B)    The
fuel in the tank will loose its fluidity, solidify, and       be the
cause of an expensive removal process.         
(C)    Corrosion
of various metal components will occur due to the formation of hydrogen sulfide
(D)    All
of the above are correct.                         
Justify Your Answer.                                                
If the feed pump for an auxiliary boiler fails to
deliver the feed water to the boiler, the cause may be ____________.
(A)    high
steam pressure in the boiler                   
(B)    abnormally
high feedwater temperature                   
(C)    abnormally
high boiler water temperature                
(D)    steam
demand exceeding feed pump capacity         
Justify Your Answer.                                                
When lighting off an auxiliary boiler, which of the problems listed
could cause the burners to sputter?
(A)    Cold
fuel oil                                      
(B)    Low
fuel oil pressure                                    
(C)    Low
atomizing steam pressure                                 
(D)    Water
in the fuel oil                                      
Justify Your Answer.                                                
10.  Write
short notes on the Following:
(A)  Fuel
Oil Additives
(B)  Aux
Engine over speed trip

1.      (a)  Make a detailed sketch of a tilting pad type
thrust block.                                        
(b)  Give a detailed description of the tilting
pad block
. stating any important dimensions and clearances.                                                           
2.      Sketch
and describe an auxiliary air compressor, showing the safety device fitted.
3.      State
with reasons, the effect that the following course of action would have on
charge air pressure:-
(a)    Increase
fuel to the engine.
(b)   Open
exhaust gas boiler by pass.
(c)    Clean
air filter.
4.      Which
of the following actions takes place in the control circuit of an automatically
fired auxiliary boiler when the desired steam pressure is obtained?               
A temperature sensing device opens the circuit breaker
in the burner motor.     
The high limit control secures power to the entire oil
firing system.                   
The stack relay actuates the low limit control which
breaks the ignition circuit.
The stack relay secures power to the high voltage side
of the ignition transformer.                               
Justify Your Answer                                                 
5.      With
reference to the turbocharger for a medium speed engine:
(a)    Explain
why ball or roller bearings are renewed periodically;
(b)   State
the important considerations when removing and replacing turbocharger bearings;
6.      With
reference to cylinder liner wear in large slow speed engine.
(a)    State
THREE major factors associated with wear.
(b)    (i) Explain the procedure for correct ‘running
in’ of piston rings and cylinder liners.
(ii) Explain what is achieved by
‘running in’ process.
(c)    Describe
how cylinder lubrication limits wear.
7.      Give
a simple line sketch of a main engine jacket water cooling system.
8.      With
regard to fuel injection systems explain the meaning of the following terms and
the means employed to reduce or eliminate their occurrence.
(a)    Secondary
(b)   Carbon
(c)    Diesel
9.       Explain why in large, slow engines, power
balance between cylinders is desirable.
10.  Telescopic
pipes to the piston of a large slow-speed main propulsion diesel engine are
designed to prevent __________.        
(a)    excessive
crankcase pressure                                            
(b)   excessive
lube oil temperature                                         
(c)    contamination
of the lube oil by water                            
(d)   contamination
of the cooling water by lube oil               
Briefly Justify your Answer
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