imu cet sample paper
IMU CET imu cet sample paper

IMU CET Sample Paper 2020

IMU CET as you know is an exam for taking admission in to the maritime colleges. In imu cet Sample papers 2020 have questions from Following Subjects:

Her we have given some sample questions that are related to the subject of English and General Aptitude. In total, these two subjects comprise 50 questions in the main exam. IMU cet sample papers are quite useful for students.
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IMU CET Sample Paper  2020

Below are the questions of aptitude subject for imu cet sample paper 2018.
Q.1 The town of Newport is further west than the town of Flat peak, although not so far west as the town of Day bridge. Which town is furthest east?
Answers: a) Newport b) Day bridge c) Flat peak
Q.2 Emma lives further up the hill than Jane. Pauline lives further up the hill than Emma.
1. Who lives furthest up the hill?
a) Emma b) Jane c) Pauline
Q.3 Fill in the missing letters to produce the names of fish:
BA – – A C – – A–
AR – – C – U – A
imu cet sample paper 2016
 Q4. What is the meaning of urbane?
d)make amends
Q.5 If HAY SALAMI = HIMALAYAS. The oceans and seas are
Q.6       What is the next number: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, ?, ?
Q.7      100, 99, 96, 91, 84, 75, 64, ?
Q.8      19, 38, 57, 76, 95, 114, ?
Q.9      2, 5, 12, 27, 58, 121, ?
Q.10   10, 9.75, 9.25, 8.5, 7.5, 6.25, ?
Q.11   10, 11.75, 9.25, 11, 8.5, ?
Q.12 What number should replace the question mark?
123, 124, 126, 132, 133, 136, 142, 143, 147, ?
Q.13 Galena is to lead as malachite is to which of: tin,
copper, zinc, titanium, iron?
Q.14 Which of these words is most opposite in meaning to haughty?
likeable, subservient, scornful, cautious, shadowy
Q.15   What is a bandanna?
a) minstrel band
b) Moorish boat
c) native dance
d) coloured handkerchief
Q.16 Solve this numerical:
Bill has £40.00 more than Alan, but then Alan has a win on the horses and trebles his money, which means that he now has £20.00 more than the original amount of money that the two men had between them. How much do you think that money did Bill and Alan have between them before Alan’s win?
Note: this imu cet sample paper question is little easy numerical type.
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Q.17 What do You Understand By Eagre?
a) large wave
b) old runic letter
c) mouthpiece of a wind instrument
d) opening in a wall
e) fringed shoulder strap
Q.18 Fill These Blanks:
making less dark ________________________________ discharge of electricity in atmosphere _______________
Options:  lightening, lightning
Q.19    Fill These Blanks:
             verb: to bring about; noun: result __________________
             verb: to act on, to influence ________________________
             Options:                  affect, effect
Q.20  Which one of the following is not an anagram of a country?
A.      A THIN LAD
B.      ALAS I MAY
C.      OIL A COMB
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Q.21 Only one group of five letters below can be rearranged to spell out a
five-letter word in the English language. Identify the word.
A.      GTOPA
B.      DICOL
C.      HWTCA
D.     ACULT
E.      TPRON
Questions are work of their Original Authors. Did You liked this IMU CET Sample Paper 2016?
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  1. sir maine samundra institute ka exam clear kar liya hai.sir pata nhi tha ki imu bhi necessary hota hai clear karana.sir ap mujhe pllzzzzz bata de 200 marks me kitane marks a jaye jisase imu clear ho jayega by idea sir please plz help me sir.

  2. sir .i have cleared sims exam. i dont know about this exam. this is necessaryto many marks need to cleared imu test. now in this time i am very sad .this is my last chance. please tell me sir by idea. paper will in 200 marks.
    i shall be heighly obliged. plzsir help me plzzzz

  3. Sit I have passed 12th board exams.. So what is necessary requirements I have to do for appearing in IMU test.I don’t know much about plz help me and guide me

  4. Sir i just finish my 12th Board exam, i just want to be a marine engineer, i don’t know where to find CET question papers with answer

  5. I have completed diploma in mechanical engineering 2016, can I apply for cet ? For the course bsc.ship building and repair

  6. Sir I completed the class 12th in this year but i wanted to learn maraine engneearing but i don’t know about IMU cet and syllabus for this exam please anybody help plzzz

  7. sir, I’ve just now completed my board xams….i have applied for my entrance tests ….were can i get my mock test papers for practice….plz help sir

  8. Sir; How can i get IMU CET exam’s last 5 years questions and solutions in pdf file??

  9. Hi , I am student of class 12 . I submitted the IMU-CET 2016 form. I want to know that it is necessary to qualify a company sponsrship test to join merchant navy.

  10. Sir I got sponsorship from SIMS so. Plz tell me that how many marks is. Necessary in IMU cet

  11. i want 2 know that if my aggregate in pcm is above 60 nd in one subject i have got less than 60 so then also did i can appear in exam

  12. Sir at present i m in class 12 (2016-17) batch And i am intrested in DNS can u pls tell how i can crack IMU-CET .

  13. Sir i m currently in class 12th i wanted to know that can i apply for imu cet right now if no then when should i apply?
    Looking forward for an early reply thank you.

  14. Hi my rank in imu 2273 can I get marine in Kolkata campus. I belong obc category.

  15. Sir am a student of class 12(2016-2017) and i wanted to know that can i apply for imu cet right now if no then when should i apply for this? What are the creteria to take admission in Nautical technology?
    Looking foreword for early reply?

  16. Heyyy….sir this is Samarth….I just wanna ask if someone doesn’t have 6/6 eyesight….& after operate should he or she apply in merchant navy….??

  17. Hello sir,
    Sir I have got the sponsorship from AEMA.
    PLEASE tell me what is the minimum marks which I should obtain in IMU CET to get the AEMA.



  20. I have completed my Diploma in Electrical engineering, can I apply for IMU ?.
    And what would be the pattern for entrance exam. is it common for all 12, 10, diploma based candidates.

  21. Sir.. Mhuje February bale batch ka imu dena or mhuje na to Internet pr iska mock test mile isllye plz sir guide to me.. M isko kiii tarhh preper krun… Takii mera easliy se clear ho jaye… Sir plz rply on my email address…. I wait for response

  22. Sir mujhe feb 2017 imu cet dena h .sir prepration kis trh karu kuch smj me nhi aa rha h plz sir suggest me .And ek cheej aur agr koi dns cet clear kr leta h to usse sponsership kis trh milegi and aange ka kya process hoga. Plz sir suggest me and reply fast . Thank u

  23. Sir,
    When is the entrance exam for marine engineering 2018? What all are the requirements/qualifications to take part in the exam.?

  24. Sir,
    When is the entrance exam for marine engineering 2018?
    What all are the requirements/qualifications to take part in the exam.?

  25. Sir I want to know that after completing DNS what we become and what is our work on the ship.

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