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Maritime Terms and Definitions That You Should Know

Every sector or field of profession has its own general terms that are unique to them. Whether it is an aviation industry or military or shipping industry, all of them have their general terms. For those who are yet to go to sea, it will be wise idea to have a look at these important terms to make their life easier. The idea here is to make you aware about the Maritime terms and definition so that, you can get insights of general terms or names that are frequently used in this sector. Although there are numerous terms, but we have picked around 35 terms that are mostly used and come handy in everyday use.
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General Maritime Terms and Definitions

1)  Aboard: On the ship. For example Like Captain is aboard.
2)  Ahoy: Means Hey! Used for calling someone.
3)  All Hands: Meaning of this is ‘Entire Crew’. For example all hands to master stations.
4)  Ashore: On the shore
5)  Berth: Means ship is docked on port
6)  Bitter End: Last part or you can say the last link in the anchor chain.
7)  Black Gang: The whole engine room guys
8)  Bos’n: Guy who supervises the Deck work.
9)  Copy that: Means, you acknowledge what has been said.
10)       Coamings: The raised boundary around the machinery or Deck.
11)       Draft: The distance between the water line to the ships keel.
12)       Dungarees: The cloth that are worn by people while working.
13)       Even keel: Means there is no list.
14)        Fender: The arrangement (Mostly rubber), that protects the ship side touching the Jetty or alongside.
15)       Forecastle: The forward part of the ship.
16)       Freeboard: the distance form water line to the main deck.
17)       Grounding: When ship bottom touches the bottom surface of sea.
18)       Half Mast: Means, flag lowered down half.
19)       Heave: Means to pull. Let’s say, heave up the rope.
20)       Jacob’s Ladder: A ladder which is used over the side and is made of ropes with rungs.
21)       Jetty: The platform at that side of ship, where it takes berth in port.
22)       Knock Off: Means to stop.
23)       Knot: Ship speed is measured in knots. 1 knot is 1.8 Km
24)       Look out: A person who is designated at forward or bridge or aft, to report for any object seen at sea.
25)        Make Colors: Means hosting the flag in morning and take it down at evening.
26)       Monkey Island: The place just above the wheelhouse or chart house.
27)       Neptune: The god of the sea.
28)       Painter: A short rope which is used to secure the boat.
29)        Port Side: Left side of ship.
30)        Poop Deck: A very small deck, at the aft side of ship, where mooring machines are located.
31)        Sea dog: A person who have been to the sea for very long time.
32)        Shorthanded: means, the ship is having less stuff.
33)        Starboard: Right hand side of this ship.
34)        Stowaway: A person who illegally boards the ship and hides in it.
35)        Whipping: Method used to prevent the ends of rope to open up.
So these were some of the terms that you should be familiar with. Hope you enjoyed reading them and if you have some to suggest, then please comment below.
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