Maritime India Submit 2016
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Maritime India Submit 2016 registration, logo, Date and Venue

Maritime India Submit 2016, is a first of kind event in the Indian maritime sector. The main focus of the event is to create common platform for the people who are part or not, of the maritime sector, but interested in harnessing the true potential of Indian maritime sector.

Maritime India Submit 2016

This common platform will serve as the single event which will help people to discuss different aspects of this sector. The main idea is to drive the growth of maritime sector, which over the past decades have not achieved that growth as it should have been.

Maritime India Submit 2016

India, having a large coast line and great workforce, still lags when it comes to ships building, larger ports etc. Indian inland waterways also have a great potential to offer. A large network of rivers is present, the only need is to develop infrastructure so that they can be used for transportation.  Around more than 2000 participant are expected to participate in this big maritime event. Officials from both government setups and private too, will be seen here. An investment of 6 billion dollars is expected under this summit.

Port modernization is the main focus of the event as the present government has launched a new campaign called as ‘SAGARMALA’. Under this project, around 150 ports all across the Indian coast line will either be expanded or made new, so that India can compete with the rest of the world. Around investment of 3 lakh crore is expected.

Some of the areas towards which this summit attracts investments are:

Dredging, Cruise and Tourism, Inland waterways, logistics, Port expansions and building, Finance services for maritime sector and many others sectors that are connected to the maritime sector.

Maritime India Submit 2016 Logo

A very good logo has been designed for this event to give it a unique look and identity at the international level. Here is the picture of the logo.

maritime india submit 2016

Maritime India Submit 2016 Registration

Those who wish to be part of this event can register themselves. Registration is open of three type of categories

Company, Professional and Others.

Here is the link from where you can register yourself.

Maritime India Submit 2016 Venue and Date

The date and venue details are given below for this summit and exhibition:

Date: From 14th April 2016 to 16th April. So this is a 3 day event.

Venue: Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre

Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East,

Opp. Mahananda Dairy, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400063

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