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Do’s And Don’ts When Joining Ship For The First Time

Joining  ship for first time? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that you need to take care while going there. You worked for years to get in to the ship-it is little different ambiance there as compared to what you have studied.
There are different people out there and you have to work on moving world-totally different from land based setups.Here is the list of things that you need to keep in mind. These are main things; there might be other matters that are out of these points.

Do’s And Don’ts When Joining Ship for the First Time

Here are few things you need to read when joining ship for first time:

Respect others-You are New

Lot of cadets who goes to ship, think that they are the boss there. But the story is totally opposite. People who are there have been in to this world for years, may be more than 40 years. So showing your boss attitude in front of them will only bring trouble to you.

Learn-Things have just started

There are so many things about which you have to learn and the list is endless. So, make sure that you are learning as per your schedule.

Spend Wisely

Cadets are lured by the lucrative world outside and tend to spend a lot on shore leaves. Well the things is that, you are getting all the desired facilities on board, so spending on smoking, drinking etc is not acceptable. Plus, you need money for your exams as well. So saving some money will only help you.
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I Can Do Everything Attitude!

There have been cases when cadet’s answers yes to everything, even though they don’t know about that thing. So, better is to know about that, and then say yes.

Feedback Habit

Many times you will be told to do something. But, freshers have a peculiar problem of not telling their seniors, about the work they have finished or started. This could be disastrous for the ship and other person as well. Like you kept opened a door or tank cover.

Safety First-No Heroism

Yes, you are young and want to be iron man and all, but safety at sea is the first priority and you are responsible for it by your own. So, take all the desired steps to make sure that you are safely doing everything.

Listen Everyone-Do the Rightful

People might force you and even tell lot of things. But you have to do things that you think is right. For example, if somebody tells you to go to the enclosed, without wearing safety harness and proper air system, then in that case say ‘I will not do’ like this.

Inform Somebody

There are so many works on ship, which you have to do alone. So, inform somebody that you are doing something, so that somebody is there to account for. There have been cases when cadets faced lot of injuries etc just because nobody was there to when they informed.

Learn Drills-They are not fun

Whatever drill that is being carried out onboard for some purpose and it is yours responsibility to take them seriously. Yes other might not be taking it, with the fact that, they have been doing same thing for years. But you are not.

Be Smart and Active

Cadet is the life of ship. Yes you read it right. So be smart in your work and looks. Maintain hygiene. Actively participate in the events organized at sea like parties, games etc. Everybody wish to have cadets on their ship.

Mind Less and Do More

Your seniors might scold you for something, but that does not mean that you start thinking about that only. Leave it. You are there to learn and not to mind things. Read this: How to avoid stress at sea.

Remember-You are the face of The Nation

You are representing a country there. So, anything that you do wrong will put negative thoughts to other people about you and your country as well. So, before you do something, think of your country first and then others.
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