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Is Class 4B exam above than GMAT, GRE or Toefl?

Well this question came in my mind when I was preparing my
class 4b exam in India. And when I picked the books for preparation, I surely
dragged into the pool of thinking, Am I preparing for some entrance. Just thought
to share my view, and what makes this exam above all.

No Syllabus at all

Yes there is none. It is endless turning of books, notes and
even WebPages to gain knowledge. Well as they say, it s just repetition of what
you study in graduation, well I would say, I know how I studied back in those
days J
meo class 4b exam

Result for it

Well for most of the international exam you have on the
spot. Same here also. You get result of orals on the same day and at the same
moment, followed by embarrassment that you get. While I think other exam you don’t
get one.

We don’t need tutor, as everyone is self instructor

Yeah this is true. Everyone has his notes, and these notes
are transferred to juniors. They make some more addition and process keep on
going. Everybody has his theories and answers.

Journey of 1 year…….

Clearing it, surely a long dedication and commitment, and
needs hard work more than what you go through other exam. And after one year
you might know more than what your pals know at the ship.

Strong Vocabulary, yeah we have it

Most of the exam needs that you should have better vocab.
And we also require that; remember all those ship construction and i.c engine
terms …..tumble home, sheer strake and list is long.

No one knows how many seats?

While in other exams you might be knowing how students will
be selected, here it’s all arrow in dark. I don’t know many they pass, but
whatever number it is, is surely very less.

No Cutoff Please

Here we don’t have cutoff; in fact we are the one who cut
off by surveyors…literally.

No competition with others

Yes, this is the best part. Class 4b is not a competition with
others; in fact it is a competition with yourself.

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