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How to Prepare Ship Engine for Sailing

In this post you will get to know about the whole procedure that is taken up while preparing the engine of a ship before going for a voyage. This
process comes under the some of the most important works that are carried out by the engine room staff. It becomes more essentially for cadets to know about these procedures, because after all they are the one who know less about this type of work going on ship. And as a cadet, you will be required to perform so many tasks (Not difficult) that will help you to know each machineries functioning.
Everything needs to be done in systematic manner because this is a like a square, if you do something this is wrong, then you will come to the same point from you have started the work. Let’s discuss one by one procedure involved in making ships engine ready for voyage.

Prepare Ship Engine before the voyage

1) Carry out all the repairs: This is initial part of this whole procedure of making ship ready for voyage. And first to prepare ship engine. There are so many faults that come on ship engine while it is running. So the best place to sort out them is in the port and best practice is to get them done before ship leaves the port. This is another thing that if the ports stay is for short duration and work required on engine if for longer durations.
prepare ship engine
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2) Warming of Main Engine
We can say that this is the first step in this whole process. Since engine has been stopped for so many hours, the temperature of this machinery comes to temperature surrounding the engine. Now what is the benefit of warming up of engine? Well there two things that we are eliminating while doing so. First of all we are eliminating the thermal stress that will occur if the engine was directly started. Secondly diesel oil or heavy fuel oil is burned with the help of compression. Now if the temperature of the liner is too low to cause any increases in temperature of the corresponding gases, then the fuel will not ignite.
In some ships the jacket water of the Auxiliary engine of generators is bypassed to main engine. And silence the generators were running throughout the port stay, there jacket water is warm enough to increases the temperature of the main engine.
3) Fill up the air bottle or vessel
This the second step in preparing engine for voyage. Start the compressors to fill up the air bottles. As we know that the main engine is started with the help of compressed air, so we need air at around 25 bars to start the main engine properly. Usually compressors are started around 3 to 4 hours before the main engine starting.
Note: Before filling the air bottles, ensure that you have drained all the moisture that would have accumulated inside the air bottles during previous refills.
4) Start Lubricating or Priming Pump Lubrication of main engine bearing is crucial step towards making it fit for running. By priming we are creating an oil film between the bearing and metal surfaces. After some time try to turn the engine with the turning gear, so as to facilitate the oil to pass through those areas also where it would have not reached during priming.
5) Fuel level Check the fuel oil level in the fuel oil tanks. We stop and start the engine on diesel oil and not on the heavy oil (Because as heating of heavy oil is stopped, it viscosity increase too much and becomes unsuitable for pumping). So it is imperative to check the level of tank before starting engine.
6) Steering gear System The main work is to check the proper functioning of the steering gear system, and calibrate it with the deck people. Try to see that whether the running is turning angles or not, when a signal is given by the navigational department. Check the oil level of oil expansion tank in steering room. Besides this open the deck air which is needed for navigational purposes like horn etc. And also disengage the turning gear.
So now engine is ready for sailing. Hope you liked my article.
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  1. Its good briefing…you can also say about indicated cocks, booster pumps , checking all parameters like jacket water of sea water cooling , lub oil and how the engine is started with air controling fuel and taking ME on load.

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