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Trailer of Greyhound Movie On Navy Commander- Gives Goosebumps

Who would think of a better actor than Tom Hanks to play a navy commander on screen after his spectacular job in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘The Green Mile’. Based on the novel, ‘The Good Shepherd’ the movie ‘Greyhound’ with protagonist Tom Hanks is all geared up to hit the theaters. Hanks himself written a significant part in the script.
The story revolves around how navy commander Ernest Krause takes up the post of Captain for the first time in a war mission, as the mission continues Krause’s ship moves out of safe air cover, becoming more vulnerable to the underwater terror of the German U-Boat command. With spotting the enemy ship around and determined to destruct it, in Atlantic it seems you either kill or be killed.
After being threatened by the German commander, “good luck surviving the night”, will Hanks and his crew will make it to the end? A drama packed trailer seems promising and the much awaited film will release in June-July.

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