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126 Total Crew Change at Cochin Port- Biggest In a Day

Seems like Cochin port is becoming favorite among the ship managers for carrying out crew changes. On June 3, around 12 ships (Reports said) did a crew change of 126 crew members in total. Out of these 59 seafarers signed on and 67 signed off. All these changes are being made at anchorages. It is the joint efforts of various organizations together which made this possible. None of the personal was reported to have COVID-19 during testing, which is good news.
Those who signed off will be going through the standard of procedure as per the Government of India and states itself as well. This was also the highest for any port to do crew change of such number. For sure it brought smile to various families across nation and also hopes for the other. Sign on and Sign off of crew members have been greatly impacted by the strict lockdowns in various parts of the world.
In past months, crew changes at Cochin port have gone higher. On the other hand, various chartered flights are lined up for crew change this week.

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