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Egypt Court Support Decision of Keeping EVER GIVEN under Arrest

In the latest hearing related to the case of EVER GIVEN ship, Egypt’s Ismailia  Economic Court rejected the appeal by the ship owner lawyer for freeing up the ship. Though the reasons for the same have not yet been given by the court. Also court  rejected a separate appeal made by Suez canal authorities in the same case.

Ever Given, a large container ship grounded in Suez Canal on 23rd March, and was stuck in there for 6 days. After successfully refloating it, authorities arrested the ship citing reasons related to grounding and also demanded around $916 million dollars in compensation.

Owner Of Ship appointed lawyer have said in court that ship is no where ship responsible for the grounding, rather it is Suez Canal authorities only. Ship recording have showed that there was disagreement between the ship pilot and canal authorities before entering canal. Also ship was supposed to be assisted by the two tugs, which never happened. According to them canal is just trying to cover up the wrong doings which they have committed.

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