14 Filipino Crew Members Missing
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14 Filipino Crew Members Missing After Ship Hits Fishing Boat

A Hong Kong Flag Registered Bulk Carrier MV Vienna Wood had a collision with a fishing boat near the Cape Calavite, Occidental Mindoro. Fishing Boat FV Liberty Cinco was hit by the merchant ship (Bulk Carrier) on Sunday at around 1 A.M. As per the latest news by the coast guard who was assisting in search and rescue, 14 crew members from the fishing boats are missing. The collision was so powerful that it leads to boat capsizing in few minutes only. The incident was reported by the master of the vessel to the coast guard. Ship was en-route to Australia when this incident happened. An investigation has been launched in this case.

Helicopters are also being used for the search operation carried out by the coast guard. On Monday ship was brought to the coast guard headquarter for further investigation in this matter.

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