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DG Approved Shipping Companies In Mumbai With RPSL | Check RPSL Number

Get to know about the RPSL number of the companies that are present in the Mumbai. Before you are going for placements, you need to check the RPSL of that company. A valid RPSL of the company signifies that it genuine and registered under the Directorate General of Shipping.To know more about the RPSL of companies in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, read here.

DG Approved Shipping Companies in Mumbai

RPSL NUMBER Company Name Status Validity Exp
RPSL-MUM-214 M/s. Sea Suprita Ship Management Pvt Ltd Invalid 12.11.2015
RPSL-MUM-215 M/s. Anchorjobs Goa Invalid 20.06.2017
RPSL-MUM-216 M/s. DNS Marine Services Pvt Ltd Valid 10.10.2021
RPSL-MUM-217 M/s. Helia marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 29.05.2022
RPSL-MUM-218 M/s. Bridgeview Maritime Pvt Ltd Valid 28.06.2021
RPSL-MUM-219 M/s. Hiren International Valid 10.08.2021
RPSL-MUM-220 M/s. Executive Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 31.07.2021
RPSL-MUM-221 M/s. Sakshihritika Marine Pvt ltd Valid 09.09.2022
RPSL-MUM-222 M/s. Saraf Corporation India Pvt Ltd Valid 31.05.2022
RPSL-MUM-223 M/s. AMS Ship Management Invalid 18.10.2017
RPSL-MUM-224 M/s. SM Ship Management Pvt Ltd Valid 17.08.2021
RPSL-MUM-225 M/s. Executive Offshore (I) Pvt.Ltd Invalid 21.06.2017
RPSL-MUM-226 M/s. Seawisdom Shipping Pvt Ltd Valid 06.12.2021
RPSL-MUM-227 M/s. Genmarco Maritime Servies Pvt Ltd Valid 16.08.2022
RPSL-MUM-228 M/s. Excelsia Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd Invalid 26.02.2017
RPSL-MUM-229 M/s. Rigel Marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 31.08.2022
RPSL-MUM-230 M/s. Tejas Maritime Pvt. Ltd., Previous name M/s. MAC Ship Design & Construction  Pvt. Ltd. Valid 01.06.2022
RPSL-MUM-231 M/s. Sairaj Marine Services Pvt Ltd Invalid 15.04.2017
RPSL-MUM-232 M/.s Deewine Ship Management  & Marine Services Ltd Valid 31.08.2021
RPSL-MUM-233 M/s. Target Ship Management India pvt Ltd Invalid 10.12.2017
RPSL-MUM-234 M/s. Yeshsip Marine Transpoort Pvt ltd Valid  23.11.2017
RPSL-MUM-235 M/s. Angel Maritime (I) SErvices Valid 21.04.2021
RPSL-MUM-236 M/s. Dynacom Tankers Management Pvt.Ltd Valid  20.11.2017
RPSL-MUM-237 M/s. Qship Maritime Management Pvt.Ltd Valid 17.12.2021
RPSL-MUM-238 M/s. Worldtankers Crewing (I) Pvt.Ltd Valid  29.01.2023
RPSL-MUM-239 M/s. Anglo-Eastern Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. Valid 04.11.2022
RPSL-MUM-240 M/s. NYK Ship Management (I) Pvt.Ltd Valid 14.12.2022
RPSL-MUM-242 M/s. Thinkship Marine Solutions Pvt.Ltd Valid 15.02.2018
RPSL-MUM-243 M/s. Krimson Offshore LLP Valid 31.08.2022
RPSL-MUM-244 M/s. Marine Crew Management Services Pvt Ltd Valid 24.04.2019
RPSL-MUM-245 M/s. SSS Maritime Services & Consultants Pvt Ltd Valid 01.05.2023
RPSL-MUM-246 M/s. Blue crystal Marine Services Pvt Ltd Valid 29.04.2018
RPSL-MUM-247 M/s. Indus Hospitality Careers & Training Pvt ltd Valid 22.06.2022
RPSL-MUM-248 M/s. Supreme Shipping Servies Invalid 11.05.2016
RPSL-MUM-249 M/s. Krishnamrutam Enterprises Pvt Ltd Valid 31.05.2023
RPSL-MUM-251 M/s. Apex Marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 12.12.2022
RPSL-MUM-252 M/s. Amag Ships Pvt.Ltd Valid 13.02.2018
RPSL-MUM-253 M/s. Hind offshore pvt.Ltd Invalid 04.10.2017
RPSL-MUM-254 M/s. Shri Mahavir Marine Services Pvt Ltd Valid 25.12.2017
RPSL-MUM-255 M/s Sriram Institue of Marine Studies Valid 13.02.2018
RPSL-MUM-256 M/s. Thome Shipping (India) Pvt.Ltd Valid 13.06.2022
RPSL-MUM-257 M/s. Marinetech Ship Managers & Surveyors Valid 06.11.2021
RPSL-MUM-258 M/s. Yak Education Trust Invalid 25.03.2018
RPSL-MUM-259 M/s. Libra International Shipping Pvt.Ltd Valid 07.04.2023
RPSL-MUM-260 M/s. Ocean Express Management Pvt Ltd Valid 30.06.2018
RPSL-MUM-261 M/s. Polestar Marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 04.06.2018
RPSL-MUM-262 M/s. I-Marine Infratech (India) Private Limited Valid 26.04.2021
RPSL-MUM-263 M/s. Rolv Berg Drive (India) Private Limited Valid 30.01.2022
RPSL-MUM-264 M/s. Loyalty Marine Services Private Limited Valid 15.08.2018
RPSL-MUM-265 M/s. Aurelia Marine Services Private Limited Valid 03.08.2018
RPSL-MUM-266 M/s. Evangrove Shipping Mumbai Private Limited Valid 16.05.2023
RPSL-MUM-267 M/s. Marian Crew Management Private Limited Invalid 29.05.2018
RPSL-MUM-268 M/s. Nams Ship Management Private Limited Valid 21.02.2023
RPSL-MUM-269 M/s. Glance One Ship Management Private Limited Valid 21.05.2023
RPSL-MUM-270 M/s. Rassiya Shipping Services Private Limited Valid 26.08.2018
RPSL-MUM-271 M/s. Airborne Recruiting Private Limited Valid 07.04.2023
RPSL-MUM-272 M/s. Cosima Marine Private Limited Valid 03.12.2018
RPSL-MUM-273 M/s. Dee Vee Ship Management Valid 17.03.2023
RPSL-MUM-274 M/s. Seabon Shipping Private Limited Invalid 31.08.2016
RPSL-MUM-275 M/s. Kamaxi Overseas Consultanats Valid 16.05.2019
RPSL-MUM-276 M/s. Forbes Bumi Armada Limited Valid 12.01.2019
RPSL-MUM-277 M/s. Pratishtha Marine Services Private Limited Valid 11.10.2018
RPSL-MUM-278 M/s. Bluesea Shipping Enterprises Valid 10.07.2023
RPSL-MUM-279 M/s. S.K. Engineering Shipping & Trading (I) Pvt. Ltd. Valid 20.10.2018
RPSL-MUM-280 M/s. Horizon Sea Management Services Private Limited Invalid 30.10.2018
RPSL-MUM-281 M/s. Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. Private Limited Valid 13.09.2018
RPSL-MUM-282 M/s. TSMS Shipping Services Private Limited Valid 30.11.2018
RPSL-MUM-283 M/s. Mediterranean Navigation Private Limited Invalid 22.12.2018
RPSL-MUM-284 M/s. Zodiac Maritime Agancies (I) Private Limited Valid 08.12.2018
RPSL-MUM-285 M/s. Omejor Energy Private Limited Valid 07.01.2019
RPSL-MUM-286 M/s. Fleet Management India Private Limited Valid 25.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-287 M/s. Gurship Maritime Services Private Limited Valid 22.10.2018
RPSL-MUM-288 M/s. Apple Marine Management Private Limited Valid 22.12.2018
RPSL-MUM-289 M/s. Saraf Offshore Services Private Limited Invalid 31.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-290 M/s. Oceanic Shipping Services Private Limited Valid 04.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-291 M/s. Arctic Offshore and Manning Company Private Limited Valid 11.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-292 M/s. Seabase Ship Management Private Limited Valid 19.02.2019
RPSL-MUM-293 M/s. Khadija Ship Management Private Limited Valid 29.06.2019
RPSL-MUM-294 M/s. RSM Management Private Limited Valid 26.06.2019
RPSL-MUM-295 M/s. ABB Ship Management Private Limited, Navi Mumbai Valid 21.02.2019
RPSL-MUM-296 M/s. Maple Leaf Enterprises Invalid 19.06.2019
RPSL-MUM-297 M/s. Yash Offshore Private Limited Valid 03.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-298 M/s. NHK Ship Management Private Limited Valid 25.08.2018
RPSL-MUM-299 M/s. Seven Islands Shipping Limited Valid 30.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-300 M/s. Yak Marine Private Limited Valid 03.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-301 M/s. Ashutosh Marine Private Limited Invalid 18.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-302 M/s. Seafarers Training & Careers Pvt.Ltd Valid 01.04.2019
RPSL-MUM-303 M/s. Osnar Paints and Conmtracts Pvt.Ltd Invalid 17.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-304 M/s.Uxmal Marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 08.05.2019
RPSL-MUM-305 M/s. H. R. Ship and Marine Services Private Limited Invalid 23.04.2019
RPSL-MUM-306 M/s. Sinai Maritime Services Private Limited Valid 19.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-307 M/s. BHN Offshore Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 09.10.2019
RPSL-MUM-308 M/s. A G Maritime Private Limited Valid 13.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-309 M/s. Shipteck Marine Solutions Private Limited Valid 11.05.2019
RPSL-MUM-310 M/s. Sarang Ship Management Private Limited Valid 01.08.2019
RPSL-MUM-311 M/s. Earth Ocean Shipping Private Limited. Valid 09.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-312 M/s. Amazon Vessel Management Pvt. Ltd. Valid 13.08.2019
RPSL-MUM-313 M/s. Uniship Management Pvt. Ltd. Valid 06.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-314 M/s. Northstar Ship Management Private Limited Valid 17.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-315 M/s. AD Ship ManagementPrivate Limited Valid 05.08.2019
RPSL-MUM-316 M/s. ASMS Alamgir Ship Management & Engineering Services Private Limited Valid 30.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-317 M/s. DP Ship Management Private Limited Valid 18.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-318 M/s. Pelagia Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. Valid 23.07.2019
RPSL-MUM-319 M/s. Aark Shipping & Manning(P)vt.Ltd Valid 30.05.2019
RPSL-MUM-320 M/s. Navig8 Shipmanagement Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 17.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-321 M/s. Royal Maritime Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 22.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-322 M/s. Tristarr Maritime and Shipping Pvt.Ltd Valid 16.11.2019
RPSL-MUM-323 M/s. Goodwill Marine Technical Solutins Pvt.Ltd Valid 14.12.2019
RPSL-MUM-324 M/s. Good Result Marine Services Pvt.Ltd Valid 22.12.2019
RPSL-MUM-325 M/s. 12Star Ship Management Co.Pvt.Ltd Valid 07.03.2019
RPSL-MUM-326 M/s. D’Scorpio Vessels Private Ltd. Valid 18.01.2020
RPSL-MUM-327 M/s. Navy Line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. Valid 20.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-328 M/s. Uniseas Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. Invalid 27.11.2019
RPSL-MUM-329 M/s. Darya Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon (Haryana) Valid 23.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-330 M/s. Star Sea Management Pvt. Ltd. Valid 19.11.2019
RPSL-MUM-331 M/s. Join Hands Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. Valid 18.12.2019
RPSL-MUM-332 M/s. Calm Seas Shipping & Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. Valid 21.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-333 M/s. Corporate Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. Valid 24.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-334 M/s. Rudraksh Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan Valid 05.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-335 M/s. Sasas Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd., Goa Valid 17.12.2019
RPSL-MUM-336 M/s. Coral Reef Navigation (India) Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 12.04.2020
RPSL-MUM-337 M/s. Auburn Shipmanagement, Navi Mumbai Valid 14.05.2019
RPSL-MUM-338 M/s. Golden Sparrow Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 01.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-339 M/s. D.S.G. Ship Services Pvt. Ltd., Vasai Valid 22.02.2020
RPSL-MUM-340 M/s. Amaze Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 24.03.2020
RPSL-MUM-341 M/s. Sakshi Institute of Maritime Studies. Valid 13.04.2020
RPSL-MUM-342 M/s. Sai Maritime and Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 15.12.2021
RPSL-MUM-343 M/s. Oceanbrave Shipping Pvt. Ltd., CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai Valid 08.05.2020
RPSL-MUM-344 M/s. His Grace Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Valid 27.10.2019
RPSL-MUM-345 M/s. Vita Hospitality, Mumbai Valid 26.01.2020
RPSL-MUM-346 M/s. Gurukripa Marine Service Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Valid 09.07.2020
RPSL-MUM-347 M/s. Mare Maritime India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana Valid 28.04.2020
RPSL-MUM-348 M/s. Bellfranc Allied Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Valid 23.06.2020
RPSL-MUM-349 M/s. Seaswan Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 30.04.2020
RPSL-MUM-350 M/s. Buena Vista Shipping LLP, Mumbai Valid 04.06.2020
RPSL-MUM-351 M/s. Shanti Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 31.05.2020
RPSL-MUM-352 M/s. Pearl Maritime Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Invalid 20.05.2020
RPSL-MUM-353 M/s. New Horizons Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 29.06.2020
RPSL-MUM-354 M/s. Freya Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Valid 29.09.2019
RPSL-MUM-355 M/s. Allcargo Shipping Company Private. Limited. Valid 27.09.2020
RPSL-MUM-356 M/s. Majan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 23.08.2020
RPSL-MUM-357 M/s.VNK Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Invalid 10.08.2020
RPSL-MUM-358 M/s. M J Offshore & Marine Services LLP, Navi Mumbai. Valid 24.08.2020
RPSL-MUM-359 M/s. ACE Ship Navigation Pvt. Ltd., Pune Valid 10.09.2020
RPSL-MUM-360 M/s. Seaprime Marine Management Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 04.11.2020
RPSL-MUM-361 M/s. Able Angel Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Valid 05.10.2020
RPSL-MUM-362 M/s. Marvin International Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 30.10.2020
RPSL-MUM-363 M/s. Jubilant Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 30.07.2020
RPSL-MUM-364 M/s. Vast Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Valid 08.05.2020
RPSL-MUM-365 M/s. Purnder Maritime Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 08.11.2020
RPSL-MUM-366 M/s. DMC Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 03.11.2020
RPSL-MUM-367 M/s. Ausland Ship Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai Valid 03.09.2020
RPSL-MUM-368 M/s. Hoger Offshore and Marine Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai. Valid 01.11.2020
RPSL-MUM-369 M/s. Taco Services, Mumbai. Valid 30.08.2021
RPSL-MUM-370 M/s. BLS Ship Mangement Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 26.11.2020
RPSL-MUM-371 M/s.  Principality Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Valid 25.11.2020
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