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Best Marine Engineering Books To Study Topic Wise

Marine Engineering is that branch of technical education that covers, mostly the technical aspects of marine machinery. It includes marine engines, offshore units etc. This field needs people to have knowledge of various different fields in much deeper manner, which includes safety as well. But if you start studying about something related to this, you might end up in having hundred of books as this is very
vast field. To ease out this process, we have made a list of books, which are recommended by the students. Here are the topics by which we given the list of books. But the list, is growing, you might want to give your options also.

Marine Engineering Books

Many times it happens that you need to have information from various sources, and in this process a lot of time is
waster. Nowadays, you can have all the eBooks. So, it is better to know which
one is best.
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Best books for Studying Naval Architecture

Naval architecture as name suggests, deals with studying topics like ship stability, free surface effect, metacentric height, resistance to ship etc. Naval architecture defines the theory behind the building of ships and then only the construction of this vessel can take place.
Reed’s Naval Architecture-Volume 4
Introduction to Naval Architecture by Eric Tupper

Best Books for Studying Ship Construction and Stability

This topic covers construction part of ship and technical terms under it. Constructional differences like for the Warships, Bulk Carriers, and Container etc have been discussed here. How plating and beams are welded, and how bulkhead are made in the structure of the ships are some of the topics of interest. This is the reason why you have to read it from a book that is having ample amount of diagrams. This subject is crucial for those who are looking for a career in ship building. Here are the books:
Merchant Ship Construction by H J Pursey
Ship Construction By DJ Eyres
Reeds Ship Construction

Best Books for Studying Marine Electrotechnology

Ship electric and electronic system, generator power system, heavy electrical motors to minute indicating instrument-all are covered under this. These days as automation is increasing on vessels, it becomes imperative for the students to have depth knowledge about various subjects related to the electric field. On the other hand, UMS ships nowadays have a sophisticated electronic system, and an engineer should be aware about that also.
Practical marine Electrical knowledge by DT Hall
Marine Electrical by Fernandez
3       Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice by HD
4 Reeds Basic and Advance Electrotechnology
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Best Books for Marine Engineering Practice

Overhauling and troubleshooting and other related aspects of machineries are covered under it. This becomes quite necessary for marine engineers, as they have to do maintenance and overhaul of various machineries. Only general approach towards the various machineries is given here. For actual overhauling, you might have to refer to the manufacturer manuals.
Running and Maintenance of Marine Machinery by J Cowley
Marine Engineering Practice Volume 1 by Institute of Marine Engineers

Best Book for General Engineering Knowledge

This covers topics like metallurgy, fuel oil, heat treatment methods etc. This is the founding stone of knowledge for the marine engineers. How to use various types of tools that are available on board, are discussed in this topic. You should know various measuring instruments like vernier caliper, internal micrometer etc. Here we have given some of the good books that will help you to learn about them
Reeds General Engineering Knowledge Volume 8
DA Taylor Marine Engineering
Marine Auxiliary Machine- HD Mcgeorge

Best Book for Motor Engineering Knowledge

Internal Combustion engines, their working, parts, maintenances, and working of all other components are discussed here. A main engine is supported by various other systems like air, fuel, lubrication etc. This also includes Gas Turbines as well. So, these are quite necessary for a marine engineer to have knowledge of it. Here are some of the good books for it:
Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines
Diesel Engines by AJ Wharton
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Marine Diesel Engines-Deven Arahna
Lamb’s Question and Answer On the Marine Diesel Engines

Best Books for Steam Engineering Knowledge

Study about steam turbines and gas turbines in it. Still lot of ships uses this as means of propulsions, specially LNG, and War Ships. Nowadays Gas Turbines are getting more preference over the IC engines as well, so it is good to know more about these turbines.
Reeds Steam Engineering Knowledge
DA Taylor for Marine Engineering
Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines

Best books for Instrumentation and Control Systems

Since now, most of the machinery has automation system, you should at least know basic about the various automation system used on ship. Here are some of the good books which will give you the precise information. Topics like loops, PID controllers etc are quite important.
Reeds Instrumentation and Control Systems
Marine Control Technology- By E A Fernandez and J Majumder
Apart from the above topics that are mentioned, a marine engineer should also know about the various safety systems on the ship. Material about the SOLAS, MARPOL, and other related matter can be read from the standards books that are provided by the IMO. They are enough for the study. For studying the safety related to the fire and other unprecedented event on ships, please the company specific modules for it. In the above books as well you will get to learn about the various safety system and what maintenance that you have to carry out on them. CO2 Flooding systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Detection and Fighting System are some of the emergency systems that a engineer should know about.
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