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What is Propeller Singing in Merchant Ships

“Propeller singing” in merchant ships refers to a phenomenon characterized by the production of a distinctive noise or vibration as a ship’s propeller rotates underwater. This sound can range from a low-frequency hum to a high-pitched noise and is typically caused by the interaction between the propeller blades and the surrounding water. propeller singing in […]

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Chain Drive Advantages Over Gear Drive in Marine Diesel Engines

Chain Drive Advantages Over Gear Drive discussed here. Marine diesel engines are the workhorses of the maritime industry, powering vessels of all sizes across the world’s oceans. These engines demand robust and reliable power transmission systems to ensure efficient and safe operation. Two common methods for transmitting power from the engine to the propeller are […]

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What is UMS ship and Its SOLAS Requirement

What is UMS ship and what are its requirements? UMS stands for Unmanned Machinery Space, which means that the ship’s engine room does not require constant human supervision or attendance. UMS ships are designed to operate with automated systems that monitor and control the machinery, such as propulsion, power generation, ventilation, fire detection and suppression, […]

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Methanol Fired Engine by MAN 8G95ME-LGIM and Its Challenges

Methanol Fired Marine Diesel Engine. Methanol is a promising alternative fuel for marine applications, as it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Methanol is also widely available, easy to handle, and compatible with existing infrastructure. However, methanol has some challenges, such as its low energy density, high toxicity, and low flash point. […]

Piston crack indication
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Piston crack indication in a marine diesel engine

Piston crack indication in a marine diesel engine. A piston crack is a serious defect that can affect the performance and reliability of a marine diesel engine. A piston crack can occur due to various factors, such as thermal stress, mechanical fatigue, improper installation, excessive load, or poor lubrication. A piston crack can lead to […]

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FQS setting 2 stroke marine diesel engine

FQS setting 2 stroke marine diesel engine. FQS stands for fuel quality setting, which is a parameter that determines the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder of a 2 stroke marine diesel engine. The FQS setting affects the engine performance, fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance requirements. The FQS setting is usually adjusted by changing […]