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Air Travel to Become Normal Only by 2023- Report

Amid the corona outbreak and lockdown everywhere, experts believe that air travel will become normal only by 2023. A survey which was conducted by a organization, said that 67% people think that they would like to stay home rather than going for 14 day quarantine in other country.
Also the fear that this virus has created in the mind of people after so many deaths, lot of people wants to avoid international travel. With new rules and regulations available for air travel, it has become more tedious and bounding rather than earlier air travel or any mode of transport. Though domestic travel might be able to pick up, but international travel will take certain time before it can come up.
An expert in air travel said, we need to follow self sanitization and social distancing, we can shut the whole air travel industry- it will be a big job loss to all the people connected to this setup.
Seafarers sign on and sign off will also be having quarantine periods and tests related to covid-19, until the cure for this virus comes in.

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