63 Seafarers Flown Out
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63 Seafarers Flown Out By Chartered Flight For Crew Change

A special chartered flight took off from Mumbai on 31st May, taking around 63 seafarers for different companies like MSC, Maersk Tankers etc. The first destination was Doha and from there seafarers will be moving out to different destinations. This is just the start as more flights are lined up for crew changes across the globe. On the other hand Sri Lanka is becoming a favorite spot for crew change as well. Special chartered flights are operating for this destination.
As per the news coming from various sources, companies are lining up more chartered flights for the coming week as well. For people of island nation, Philippines government have already started limited international flights, which is a good move for the seafarers from that country also. With 15th June Deadline from the trade union regarding sign off is coming, we are seeing lot of companies getting active for crew changes. Around 150000 seafarers needs a sign off by mid of this month.
For the 6th June already they are couple of flights lined up for crew change. We will keep you informed regarding the sign on and sign off events across the globe.
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