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190 Corona Positive Cases on RUBY PRINCESS CRUISE

Update: Cruise is sailing to Manila city of Philippines. It is expected to drop crew members there. She left Australian port on 23rd April and expected to reach Manila on 6th May.

RUBY Princess Cruise which is currently docked at Port Kembla (Wollongong, NSW) in Australia. As per the news coming, around 300 Filipino will be sent to home, in a special flight. It is also said that captain of the cruise is healthy and not affected by the corona virus. The ship left port on 23rd April.
Cruise has around 190 Corona Positive Cases.

The cruise line is owned by Carnival Corporation. Crew being sent home, which is after corporation between the police, and Carnival Corporation. The crew is being sent to home by the chartered flights, while some of the crew have already been sent home.
Controversy regarding the ship is that, even knowing that passengers are infected they let the crew go outside in Sydney, and this has led to the spread of coronavirus in Australia. Also now crew is fearing for the wellbeing of their own health.
Some passengers were sent to their home after special chartered flights were arranged for them.

All around the world, there are many cruise lines, which are infected with corona virus. The major issues comes when people needs to be sent home as no country will allow people to enter their country until they are fully quarantined.

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