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Second Engineer Goes Missing At Sea from Ship

An Indian Second Engineer went missing from a crude oil tanker ship operated by Dynacom Tankers Management Pvt Ltd (DTM). Sambit Majumder was sailing on MT Serengeti and ship was en-route to South Korea from Singapore. As per the information available he had dinner with crew on Tuesday evening and went to his cabin, but next morning he was not there for the breakfast. A search was carried out in the whole ship but nothing was found. This incident happened somewhere In the South China Sea.

MRCC in Hongkong have stopped search and rescue operation as 72 hours have already passed with no trace of him. Family of the missing seafarers have come in contact with ITF and asking for an independent enquiry. Inspectors will visit ship in the next port when ship arrived in South Korea. As per the Wife of the Engineer, she had conversation with him and no sign of mental stress or something. ‘He is an experienced seafarer and just finished 4 months at sea, he was happy that now he will come home as travel restrictions and lockdowns are easing all over the world’, she said. Family members are not happy the way company has handled this whole incident.


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