You can travel To Europe from 1st July Sea News

You can travel To Europe from 1st July, if Your Country is in the list

Come 1st July and you will be able to visit any of the European Union Country (EU Nations). Countries that are part of EU, does not have border restrictions, so one can go from Germany to France or Italy with single visa. Draft lists of countries whose citizen will be permitted to travel to Europe are given here. Later this week we are expecting a official notification to come on the same. This will be useful for seafarers as well as they will be able to join ships from various other countries as well.
These countries have been included in the list as per the condition of corona outbreak and the measures taken to control the same. For example, kind of screening and sanitization and tests being done in a country. Measures to monitor people at international airports are also considered.

As the world slowly starts to come out of the corona lockdown, self prevention is the new ‘NEW’. Until there is no vaccination of the same, we all have to take care of ourselves in all possible manners. Be Safe.

Albania Dominica Monaco Serbia
Algeria Egypt Mongolia South Korea
Andorra Ethiopia Montenegro Tajikistan
Angola Georgia Morocco Thailand
Australia Guyana Mozambique Tunisia
Bahamas India Myanmar Turkey
Bhutan Indonesia Namibia Turkmenistan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica New Zealand Uganda
Canada Japan Nicaragua Ukraine
China Kazakhstan Palau Uruguay
Costa Rica Kosovo Paraguay Uzbekistan
Cuba Lebanon Rwanda Vatican City
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Mauritius Saint Lucia Venezuela
    Vietnam Zambia
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  1. Did the HMM Algeciras REALLY have 19621 containers on board, – or is that TEUs??? Its carrying capacity is stated as 23694 TEU, and a TEU is a 20Ft container. As these ships carry mostly standard 40ft containers it is likely to have only half that number of containers onboard. This is a common mistake made by most news outlets, but I would not have expected it from a nautical publication.

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