Tips for Sailor’s to Impress a Girl or Woman

All right so since you are here, that means you already have in mind that you want to impress a girl right? Well most of the time people in order to impress a girl, guys tend to go for bizarre ways and end up in creating a mess. Impressing is surely a skill, but not in a deceptive way. It should come naturally from inside, no matter if you have never tried it on any girl. Women are the souls, who most of the time thinks from heart and not mind, and that is what makes them different. Appreciate it.

Simple yet Effective Way to Impress a Girl

Let’s dive in to the pool of information which is related to this much anticipated piece of writing.


This applies to every human being. And woman needs it more than any one. Love and respect are two things that should go together. When a women sees that you respect her that is time when you enter in her heart. Not necessarily she will start loving you like hell. But surely this is the first way to her heart. Respect her and you will always on the positive side. The day you start disrespecting her, is the time you start losing her. Just consider yourself in her position, and you will know what it feels. As a sailor you have natural tendency of giving respect considering the nature of our job.impress a girl


This is a general word. Appreciation can be of any type and a woman loves it. And when you brag about her beauty, which can be the best compliment you can give her. See they are the beauty conscious soul and there is nothing wrong in it. And both go with each other. Generally beauty has been associated with women and you should respect that. There is difference between over exaggerated compliments and normal one. Go for the later one. She knows whether you are bluffing or not.

Be chivalrous

This is an Old School method, but still works. Being Chivalrous is still a better to win her heart. For example holding or opening door for her. Helping her to sit down on the chair, by letting her sit first and drawing the chair out. Little protective when walking down the road by you being on the traffic side of the road is surely great. It gives her a sense of protection.impress a girl

Be Original and Mysterious

In order to impress a girl people usually go extra mile and that is where they lose the originality. You need to be little cautious about how you approach her. Originality what matters. And even if it not, then in coming years of your relationship it will. And if you were never original at the first place, then chances are that you won’t last long in her radar of, so called as ‘Trust’.

Mysterious? Well you are with a girl, let her talk first. Well most of the woman, loves to talk. So let them tell everything what they have to say. Don’t just open your whole book life in front of her. She will get bored easily. They love to talk, and let them do so. Read this: Tips for sailors for a healthy relationship.

Write Something

In this world of soft texts, writing a good thing is still considered a better way to win over the hearts. You won’t be writing letters to her on piece of paper (In fact if you can do, that will be best), just write something on the chat. It can be like any poem or piece of appreciation.impress a girl. love quotes

Give Her Surprises

99% of them love it, and it has nothing to do with costly affairs. Surprises are often confused with costly gifts, which is totally wrong. Surprise can be anything like unannounced date, special preparation for her birthday etc. Something which is not expected and you come up with that, will be the best one.

Sense of Humor

If you can make her laugh like hell, then you already won the battle. They love that guy so much who can make them laugh. So, if you have a sense of humor which can make her laugh even when she is mad at you, then buddy you are god gifted.impress a girl, alia bhatt

Be Confident

A woman always sees a guy like a man, and you need to hold on to that. Confidence in your voice and body language is one of big factors which pull her towards you. On the first meet you can be little nervous (everybody does), but she knows that.

Last….Don’t be A Pervert

There is a fine line between a pervert and romantic. And you need to take care of that. Don’t see her as an object of pleasure or whatever going in your mind. More slowly you go in this direction, will be the better way for you.

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  • December 4, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Confidence is a huge factor in my opinion and is the basis of everything that follows.


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