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5 BAD habits as a sailor you should AVOID

Sailors are known around the world for their hard work and their unending stories about people and world. And why not, they meet so many people around the world and have morning at different place every time.

But being sailor has its own special qualities and, any bad habits will make it worse for them to live life out there. So we decided to point 5 bad habits as a sailor you should avoid. They are based on general experience of other sailors.

Bad Habits as a sailor you should avoid

So let’s read them one by one:


Well sailors are known for partying and boozing. But to everything there is a limit and we should abide by that. This becomes necessary as you are at your work place. Those are the old days when alcohol was readily available on ship. Now lots of companies have stopped keeping them and have strict alcohol tolerance. So, drinking is one thing, and over drinking is another. Lot of incidents has happened because people are under influence of alcohol when they were working.


Well that can be a thing of no issue when you are on land, but when you are at sea; you need to communicate with people around you. Not only the people on ship, but also people you meet outside the ship. Keeping things to yourself will might make situation difficult during stressful situations. This is proven fact that when you talk to people, you tend to feel less stressful. Stress is very common at sea and needs to be tackled properly.
habits as a sailorBeing little party animal won’t do anything wrong to you. And being less introvert is always needed. Bonding is what needed!

Being Lethargic

Working at sea demands you to be more proactive towards the work. Any slackness toward it is not good and it might start putting stress on the fellow crew member. It is a limited man power at the sea, and everyone has to work in same enthusiasm and spirit. Then only the work can be done in a fast and efficient manner. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you will do work in a fast way and spoil the work, without thinking.

When you lag behind, the load is born by the other team members and it starts taking toll on them. This might lead to situation of conflict among the people on ship. It should be avoided at all cost.

Not being Helpful

Well that is a vast topic to cover from but basic helpfulness is always needed in any work place. And being at sea, you need to possess more of this skill. It is a limited man power there at sea. It is a family away from family, and helping others will surely going to help that bond being stronger. A helpful person is always preferred over the one who tends to have only me attitude.

The talkative and poor listener

This skill is needed in any work place. You have to maintain a balance between how much you talk and listen. If you are the one who talks more and listens less will always have problem when it comes to do work. As a senior officer on ship, you should be able to listen to junior as well. This is much needed as it helps in solving problem.If you just speak and not listen, your scope of knowledge will be very limited. New ideas won’t pour in.

This was all from this article on 5 bad habits as a sailor you should avoid. Hope you enjoyed reading every bit of it.

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