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What is Incinerator, Working and Maintenance Required on Incinerator

This article discusses about the working and construction of an incinerator. The incinerator is used on board ship to burn the waste products generated on board and other waste. It is also very important machinery and thus it is necessary for us to know about this machinery. So, let’s discuss about this machinery in little more detail.

Waste generation on board ship is not a new phenomenon and solid waste management is prerequisite on ship. When people live in a place and also if there is machinery running there, waste generation is a common phenomenon. But like land we don’t have garbage collector or big garbage disposal centers here on board ship. Whatever we have to do, we have to do on the ‘ship’.

Also due to strict regulations of Marpol annex 5 which say that ‘No garbage is to be thrown into the sea’ has made the presence of an incinerator on the ship very important and the reason for this is quite self explanatory. So, what to do with the garbage accumulated on the ship. If we talk about the oily rags which are generated in the engine rooms, they possess an extreme threat of getting fire. The only way to cope up with this garbage is to burn these and for this procedure we have made machinery called as the ‘Incinerator’.

Working of Incinerator

What is an incinerator? The incinerator is an machinery in which we burn all types of waste generated on the ship like, the waste oil from oily water separator, oily rags, sometimes galley waste and of course in special incinerator plastic waste too. One thing which is to be noted down here is that if you are burning the plastic or glass in the incinerator, we have a special incinerator for them. So let’s read more about this machinery like how it works and construction of this machinery.


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Maintenance required on Incinerator

There is very less maintenance which are required on this machine. Since there is no moving parts in this machine, the operating and maintenance cost is very less. But still we have to see following for proper functioning of this machine which is as follows:
1) Checking the exhaust or purging fan of the incinerator.
2) Checking the nozzles of the burners which are used in the incinerator.
3) Checking the furnace for any type dame like leaks etc.
4) Removing the carbon being deposited on the walls of the incinerator.

So, these were all the things which you should know about the incinerator. It is very important but critical machinery on board ship. This has certainly provided relief to the people living in the ship as we get rid of the garbage easily. In recent development incinerators are beings used to generate steam. The flue gases of the furnace are used as the way of heating the water. But for that purpose our incinerators have to be run down for a considerable time.

Ships with hospital facilities, use incinerator to burn the medical waste.

So, for those ships where the waste generated is large, then this system will definitely prove useful. Raising standards of the Marpol have made this equipment a very critical one to maintain and why not since it is helping us to get rid of the waste being generated on the ship, and which possess the maximum threat of fire break out.

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  1. there is one thing left that how actually an incinerators work which is absent in your document.
    people reading your article ars not understood with the concept of incineration. so, its a humble request from we students that plz provide the above article with the systematic process of incineration.
    thank you…

    1. Yes of course there is nothing about how actually an incinerator works…please update your article

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