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merchant navy officer salary per month

Merchant navy officer salary per month has been discussed in this article with latest figures which are available across the market.

Merchant navy officer salary per month-latest information

For deck officers

As you may already know, Deck officers are responsible for navigating a ship. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out this article: “Deck or Engine-Which side to choose in Merchant Navy.”

The rank hierarchy for this department is generally as follows: Captain, Chief Officer or Chief Mate, 2nd Officer or 2nd Mate, and 3rd Officer or 3rd Mate.

Let’s take a look at their monthly salaries. The starting salary for a 3rd Officer is typically around $2,300-$3,500, which can vary depending on the type of ship, nationality, and company. A 2nd Officer with more experience can earn around $3,500-$4,500, while a Chief Mate typically earns between $6,500-$8,000, depending on factors such as experience.

A Captain or Master can expect a salary package between $9,000-$14,000, based on their level of experience. Keep in mind that salaries in the Merchant Navy depend on various factors, as we’ve discussed in each section and in the last section of this article.

For engine officers

These are the individuals responsible for operating the machinery on board. Here is the rank hierarchy for this department: Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, and 4th Engineer or Junior Engineer.

A 4th Engineer can earn a salary of around $2,300-$3,600, depending on the factors mentioned above. A 3rd Engineer can expect to earn between $3,800-$4,600, while a 2nd Engineer can earn a salary of around $6,000-$8,000.

In some ships, there is also an Electrical Engineer or ETO who takes care of the electrical equipment on board. Due to advancements in ships, a career in this direction can be a good option. ETOs need to go through competency examinations like engine and deck officers. Salary between 3000$-6000$.

A Chief Engineer can expect a salary between $9,000-$12,000, which is slightly lower than that of a Captain with the same level of experience. These salary packages are considered good because seafarers remain outside their country for some time and are not entitled to taxes in their home country. Additionally, the conversion rate of dollars to local currency can also affect salary packages. Some shipping companies pay salaries in Pounds or Euros instead of dollars.

Note that all ranks mentioned here can earn a higher salary if they have more experience and have completed more contracts in their respective roles.

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