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Seafarer Traditions, Rituals and Superstitions- You Must Know

Know about the seafarer traditions, rituals and superstitions. Being responsible for more than 90 % of the world trade and being one of the oldest professions, Everyone shall agree we have seen some serious *insert profanity* J Seafarers have been at the mercy of Nature and more often than not people have relied on superstitions to justify such […]

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Marine Diesel Generator Protection Devices

Generator Protection Devices have been discussed in this article and they are as follows: ●      Over Current Inverse Time Relay OCIR ●      Over Current Instantaneous ●      Negative Phase Sequence NPS ●      Current Differential ●      Earth Leakage Relay ●      Under And Over Frequency ●      Lock Out Trip ●      Reverse Power Trip ●      Over or Under Voltage […]