Competition for Sea Jobs, Crew Change at Favorite Cochin Port Sea News

Shortage of Tugs Delays Crew Change at Favorite Cochin Port

As we know that Cochin has become a favorite spot for the crew change when it comes to Indian seafarers. Reasons are many but its location and ‘NO FEE’ for anchorage makes it favorable for carrying out crew changes. As per the official figures port has 3 tugs (Tugs are vessels which are used for multiple purposes like assisting ship for berthing, supplying provisions etc).
Out of these 2 are involved in crew changes. As more and more ships are lined up for crew change, numbers of tugs aren’t enough to do the tasks. Plus ports have to use them for their own work also. It takes several hours of travel for tugs to pick and drop the crew members.
Port needs to arrange more of these vessels, otherwise delay in crew operations will force ship managers to start skipping the port and then seafarers will have to bear the consequences.

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