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‘Sailing Yacht A’ Unique masterpiece in world of yachts

Sailing yacht A is the world’s largest and most sophisticated piece of engineering ever made. Manufactured by Nobiskrug, a specialised in building luxuary yachts and commercial vessel. The German build super yacht is owned by a Russian billionaire industrialist.
With high in terms of innovation, Sailing Yacht A has unique features such as hybrid speed – variable electric propulsion system with 2 pitch controllable propellers which are sail- assisted. The three masts are the world’s tallest and heavily loaded freestanding masts made up of carbon fibre reinforced
polymer, having length of 100m above waterline. Along with all this, the yacht has a underwater observation pod in the keel with a 12 inches thick glass and an highly advanced navigation system. Boat itself is around 148m in length.

This never seen before model has been given a futuristic look by the far-famed French designer Philippe Starck. Such innovation and designs paves the way for the forth coming of luxury sailing.

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