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Navy Captain Sacked after Oil Spill

The commanding officer of ‘Philippines Sea’ cruiser was fired from US Navy. Guided Missile Cruiser was taking fuel at Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, and happened to have 4000 gallons of diesel fuel oil spill into the Virginia River. Incident happened on 7th of May .Coast Guard and other related authorities were able to contain the oil spill (though 90% they say). Later an enquiry was set up for this incident. As per the findings, it was found by navy ‘Loss in Confidence’ on the commanding officer of the ship. Capt. Erica Hoffmann now has been relieved from her duties.
Though it is still not known as what caused so much oil spill to happen. Though investigation is said to be completed, but it is still in review. So, the reasons which led to oil spill are still unknown. For the time being a temporary commanding officer has been assigned to the ship, which will be later replaced by a permanent one.
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