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Interview With Sam- Founder of Splash24/7 Maritime Portal

Splash24/7 Maritime Portal Co-Founder Sam Chambers Interview

Can you please tell us little bit about yourself? 
I am a UK citizen now living in France after a long stint in China. I am set to get married this October! 

For how many years you have been part of maritime sector?
16 Years.

How was your journey towards opening your own media cum maritime portal?
After working for many of the leading shipping journals around the world for more than a decade it became clear that the shipping media had generally failed to work out how best to work in the 21st century internet age – also it was clear that Asia was where the action was and yet there were no big maritime publishers based in the region, hence the decision to set up in Singapore.  

What makes Spalsh 24/7 interesting to the readers?
Short, sharp, fearless reporting – and never, ever any puff – no favors for advertisers, something that ruins almost all competitors. Also the design is modern and very accessible compared to others.  Here is the 

Can you tell us little bit about, how you got this name?
Splash is a great name – it has the neat double meaning – a reference to water, of course, but also a news ‘splash’. We kicked around a million names before a colleague just chipped in with the idea for Splash, which immediately just chimed as being the perfect name for a shipping news portal.

What are your future plans?
Our future plans are to consolidate our main titles, including Splash and Maritime CEO.

We just saw Maritime India Submit being concluded; please tell us more about it.
India could well be the new China shipping-wise for the coming years in terms of demand growth and infrastructure development – the summit was a roll call of what needs to be done.  Want to read about it more? Here you can.

What was the best part of this event, you liked?
High level turnout, including the rallying call from PM Modi.

Do you see the need of pushing research based studies in maritime education?

Due to slowdown, there is shortage of jobs in market. How you think we can cope up with this?
We just have to wait it out. I am a contrarian, and I do believe that the markets are bottoming/have bottomed out – reemployment is just around the corner.  

What is the immediate problem in shipping sector that we need to tackle?
Finance and environment Any tips for the present ship-owners, considering volatility of the market. Whatever spare cash you have, buy cheap ships now.

Any major change you want in the maritime world?
Ideally I’d love private equity to leave.

How is your daily schedule?
Unusual – as Splash is a global portal so I am handling correspondents in time zones from right across the world.

What inspires you to do better? Your favorite actor, actress, food and tourist place. Who is your role model?  
With Splash, we aim to be the world’s number one maritime news site – that keeps you on your toes.
Favourite actor: changes all the time – Daniel Day-Lewis
Actress: Similarly changes all the time: Can’t go wrong with Meryl Streep.
Food: Spicy – Singapore for its mix.
Tourist place: Where I live in French Catalonia is pretty special as there is just so much to see. Also, Greece where I am headed next month for Posidonia and all its islands is rather special.

Last Question- what you think about ?

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