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Heart Touching True Love Stories of Sailor’s-1

Read this interesting love story of a sailor.Back in 2014 I came after completing my contract and, as usual was just checking out my documents.

True Love Stories of Sailor’s-First One

Back in 2014 I came after completing my contract and, as usual was just checking out my documents , we all do that, just to check the validity. My laptop was in front of me and a notification popped up on face book. Usually I don’t give much attention to those notifications, but I checked it. It was a reply to my comment. This was from a girl, who commented on the picture of my friend on which I also commented. Her comment was hilarious and in just of curiosity I also commented. For a full day there were around 14-15 comments that came up because of me and that girl. Every time I commented I just waited for her comment to come. Then in the night I sent her the friend request, not sure of what will happen. There was a unique attraction that I had on that girl. In north India it was winter season, so I just went to sleep after waiting for 2 hours for her to accept the request. 2-3 days went away and she did not accepted the request.

Even I forget that i have sent a request to anybody. All of sudden I was having drinks with my friends, and a notification comes, that somebody accepted the request. It was her 🙂 It was 4th day when she accepted the request and messaged hi….for a second i was like what to say. Lot of questions started to buzz in my mind. Since it was so cold, and I was on mobile, I mistakenly typed ‘YO’ instead of Hi (I still regret that). And her reply came as a smile….gradually we started to talk more….i used laptop more…it is easier to type on that. Luckily that girl was also from same town as I was. So it took me around 1 months to convince her to meet (girls are not easy to convince, first time ). We used to meet once every week and then twice and then everyday. She was doing her last year of college, so we used meet in evening.

I am a coffee aficionado, so used to call her at coffee shop. The first time we shook our hand, something just traveled to my hands..something was happening in my stomach, don’t have words to explain. When she used to put her hand on those long hairs, that seriously turns me on. Damn…those long hairs. One day as we were having coffee, she just kissed me on the cheeks for the first time. Her lips were so soft as if cotton, yet like sponge my shave might have hurt her lips. No one saw that as very less people in that café, for next 1 hour I did not knew what happened. My hands were shaking, I was finding it difficult to hold the coffee cup, I almost skipped some of my heartbeats. She is little talkative and I kept listening.

True Love Stories of Sailor's

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Then I got the mail from office, that I need to join the vessel in coming 4 days 🙁 I don’t know how these 3 months went away, so last day before I go…I told her that I will go to sea for 4 months, drop of tears fell from her eyes. And my heart also sank…I told her everything that I might not able to contact you everyday ( my ship did not have internet).

….i used to

message her from ships personal mail and used to buy lot of internet card on port. Luckily there were many ports in that voyage 🙂 Time just went away and date of sign off came. I was never so happy in my life for sign off, but then something wrong happened and the guy who was supposed to relieve got cancelled and office told me to sail for 10 days more. Those 10 days were hard and finally I signed off. It was long flight, so it took me 3-4 days to adjust to my country. But in curiosity to meet her jet lag was cured in few days 🙂 I called her up and told her to meet at the common place where we used to meet. She came from back and hugged me and was heaven was there for minute. She is little childish. Her smile kills me every time 🙂  things are still going may she is the soul mate for me. By the way this valentine I am proposing her 🙂
Update: She said Yes 🙂

This story belongs to merchant navy officer ‘Wemyss’  and he is sailing as engine officer in a leading maritime setup. If you have something to share like this, please drop a mail to us on We are waiting for you.

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  1. Waoooo
    That’s really so cute n bit like my story the difference is I asked him to meet me on the third day after long long conversations on FB messenger and it also started through one of our common friend from merchant Navy

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