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Certificate Course in Maritime Catering

Certificate Course in Maritime Catering is for those who wish to pursue this career at sea, in form of cook. Generally they are two cook on a ship and they take care of the work related to cooking and cleaning the officer’s cabin etc.

What is the Work Of Cook On Ship

There are generally two cooks on ship. One is the chief cook and one is steward or 2nd cook.  Chief Cook takes care of the making of food and steward takes care of cleaning and other chores.You can read more about this topic here.

Salary for Cook on Ship

One of the major reason people work at sea is because they are paid little better than at land. Salary for a cook will vary from 1000$ to 2300$ depending upon the company and experience you have.

Certificate Course in Maritime Catering


Eligibility for Certificate Course in Maritime Catering

Eligibility for this course is quite simple. This is a six month course.

After completing your school education you need to apply for this course. You should have studied any stream, but having English as a regular subject with 40 % percent marks in this.

There is a criterion for age also. Candidates who are willing to do this course needs to have age between 17.5 years (Minimum) to 25 years (maximum). Read more here about that

Colleges offering Certificate Course in Maritime Catering

Every country has different colleges that are offering this 6 months course. If you are planning to get this course done from India, then you can visit these colleges that are approved by DG Shipping.

01 Maritime Education Training & Research Institute Kolkata

02 Trident College of Marine Technology Kolkata

03 Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime Chennai

04 Euro Tech Maritime Academy Kochi

05 B. P. Marine Academy Navi Mumbai

06 Columbus Maritime Academy Khardi

07 Francon Maritime Academy Goa

08 Marine Medical Clinic Khatdi

09 MMTI Education Trust Khopoli

10 Nusi Maritime Academy Goa

11 Sea Scan Maritime Academy Goa

12 Training Ship Rahaman Navi Mumbai

Above colleges offers the course. If you have any queries related to this, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. My brother has done hotel management and above 25 can he still pursue his career as chief cook at present he is.working in 5 start hotel n want to pursue dis course from delhi kindly help

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