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GMDSS Course DG approved Institutes
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GMDSS Course DG approved Institutes-Latest

GMDSS Course DG approved Institutes-Latest, have been given in this article. Please go through the list, if you are planning to do the course. This is the updated list till 15/04/2019. GMDSS Course DG approved Institutes AMET University 135,EASR COAST ROAD,KANATHURCHENNAITAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu Chennai Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre Plot No.50, Karmayog Building, Near […]

imo conventions
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List Of IMO Conventions-Updated

IMO Conventions have been given in this article. They are the latest ones and are segregated as per the matter that address to like safety etc. IMO Conventions So below are given all the imo conventions that are given by the international maritime organization. Conventions related to Maritime safety 1.           International Convention for the Safety […]