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New Panama Canal Leaks Due to Crack in One of the Locks

Recently authorities at the Panama Canal found out that during the filling of the New Panama Canal’s Cocoli Locks, water started to leak out. Well as the video has appeared on the web, it certainly looks that the crack is not the minor and a serious concern to the operation of the canal in the coming time.

New Panama Canal Leaks Due to Big Crack

This lock will take 90 days for filling, and the process started back in June 22. But now since the leak has emerged, the constructional parties and designers have sat together to rectify the same and find out the reasons why this happened.
For your information the canal is supposed to open from next year. We recently sea the video of how panama canal met the pacific ocean. Read here about Panama Canal In Detail. New Panama Canal is the part of the process that is taking place to expand it, so that bigger ships can pass through the canal, thus removing the problem of the reduced drafts. In fact due to the higher rainfall this year, panama authorities are planning not impose any draft restriction.
Cracks are raising concerns because it might lead to complete structural failures. So authorities are paying full attention to this fact.93 % of the project is totally completed. As per the authorities, the opening of third lock gates will not be impacted by the leak.

As per the news, the new canal is supposed to open in next year in the month of April. Recently we saw the opening of new and improved Suez Canal. In fact the constructional difficulty is more in panama side as compareto other. You need to construct massive and strong locks to make the ship move from one side to another.
Here is the video showing the crack.
Note: we don’t own this video. It belongs to the original maker. Used for informational purpose.
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