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MARINA Extends Validity of Statutory Certificates

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) extends the validity of statutory certificates previously issued by the agency and its Recognized Organizations (ROs) for Philippine registered ships engaged in the international trade until 31 May 2020, as a contingency measure to ensure that the flow of commerce remains undisrupted during the COVID-19 outbreak. “This is in support […]

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MAAP Entrance Exam, Tuition Fees, Ranking, Review and Courses

Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific Entrance Exam, Courses Offered, Application form, Fee, Scholarships and Contact Details.Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific is a private institution which provides higher education. The academy was formed on 14th of January in year 1998 by the Associated Marine Officer’s and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines. Academy is located at Bataan, Philippines and […]

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Maritime Higher Education Institutions Merchant Marine Engineer Officer Program

Merchant Marine Engineer Officer Program offered by various Maritime Higher Education Institutions is given below. Marine Engineering is branch of engineering that deals with the technical aspects of the shipping industry like Ship engine, machines, auxiliary machines, Oil Rigs. Anything which is technical and related to the shipping worlds comes under marine engineering. Marine engineers […]

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Merchant Marine Deck Officer Program Training Institutes

Get to know about Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation course for deck officers in Philippines which is a Merchant Marine Deck Officer Program. Those who wish to have a nautical officer career at sea can apply in following colleges for studying the above said course. Nautical officer are basically people who are looking after the navigation part of the […]