Fuel Injector
Marine Engines

What is Fuel Injector, Its Parts and Overhauling with Pressure testing

Fuel injector as name suggest, is the main component of the fuel injection system. The fuel pumped by the fuel pump, reaches the injector, and from here to the combustion spaces. The minute particles of fuel are made by this piece. The spring setting is according to the manufacturer, at which the proper amount of fuel and atomization takes […]

Shipping Industry

Properties and Specifications of LSHFO, MDO, and HFO used for Main Engine, and Auxiliary Engine

Read about fuel Oil Specifications like LSHFO, MDO, and HFO for Main Engine, and Auxiliary Engine Used on Ship. These are particular for a ship and are intended only to give certain ideas about fuel oil quality. Some other ships might have different value for it, but the properties and features which are used for […]