Shipping Industry

Shipping Abbreviations-Commonly Used on Ships

Have a look at some of the common abbreviations that are
used in the shipping industry. There are plenty of shipping abbreviations, and
we should know them. From main engines to bunkers, in all places we have short
term used for big word. Let’s see what they are.

Shipping Terms

ACONIS           Advance Control and Intergrated
ACU     Auxiliary Control Unit
ALCAP            Alfa Laval Calorifier and Purifier
ACB     Air Circuit Breaker
AVR     Automatic Voltage Regulator
AHU    Air Handling Unit
ARPA  Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ACP     Auto Chief Control Panel
AMVER           Automated Mutual- Assistance Vessel
AC       Alternating Current

BDC     Bottom Dead Centre
BDN    Bunker Delivery Note
COLREG          Collision Regulation
CCU     Cylinder Control Unit
CFW    Cooling Fresh Water
CSW    Cooling Sea Water
CAMS  Control and Alarm Monitoring System
DO       Diesel Oil
DC       Direct Current
DGPS   Differential Global Positioning System
EICU    Electronic Interface Control Unit
ECS      Engine Control System
EPIC    Electronically Profiled Injection Control
ELFI    Electronic Fuel Injection
ELVA   Electronic Exhaust Valve Actuator
EAS     Extension Alarm System
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
ECA     Emission Control Area
ECR     Engine Control Room
EEZ     Extended Emission Zone
EGC     Exhaust Gas Cleaning
EEBD  Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
ECDIS  Electronic Chart Display and Information
EGR     Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EPC     Electronic Programmer Controller
ESU     Engine Safety Unit
FIVA    Fuel Injection Valve Actuator system
FEW    Finished With Engines
FFA     Fire Fighting Appliances
FO       Fuel Oil
FW      Fresh Water
FWG    Fresh Water Generator
GHG    Green House Gases
GOS     Graphic Operator Station
GMDSS            Global Maritime Distress and Safety
GS        General Service
GPS     Global Positioning System
HPS     Hydraulic Power Supply
HCU     Hydraulic Cylinder Unit
HAM    Humid Air Motor
HFO     Heavy Fuel Oil
HT       High Temperature
HP       High Pressure
IMDG  Internation Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods
IMCS   Integerated Monitoring and Control System
ISM      Internation Safety Management System
ICCP    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
IMO     International Maritime Organization
IMCS   Integrated Monitoring and Control System
INS      Integrated Navigation System
ISPS     International Ship and Port Security           
LSHFO            Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil
LSMDO           Low Sulphur Marine Diesel Oil
LGSP   Local Group Starter Panel
LOP     Local Operation Panel
LTU     Lever Telegraph Unit
LTA     Line Throwing Apparatus
LUBECS          Lubricating Control System
LCD     Load Change Dependent controller
LT       Low Temperature
LED     Light Emitting Diode
LSA     Life Saving Appliances
LO       Lube Oil
LDC     Lamp Drive Cabinet
LPS      Lamp Power Supply
LFL     Lower Flammable Limit
LP        Low Pressure
MOP    Main Operating Panel
MDO    Marine Diesel Oil
MGO    Marine Gas Oil
MARPOL         Marine Pollution
MESB  Multiple Emulsion Breaker
MCB    Main Circuit Breaker
MPS     Multi Phase Separator
MCCB  Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
MGPS  Marine Growth Prevention System
NFU     Non Follow Up
OMD    Oily Mist Detector
OCP     Operational Control Panel
OWS    Oily Water Seperator
PMS     Power Management System
PCB     Printed Circuit Board
PPM    Parts Per Million
PSC      Port State Control
PLC     Programme Logical Control        
RCS     Remote Control System
SOLAS Safety of Life At Sea
STCW  Standard of Training and Certificate of Watch
STG     Steam Turbine Generator
SSP      Safety Switch Panel
SMCR  Specified Maximum Continuous Rating
SECA   Sulphur Emission Control Area
SCR     Selective Catalytic Reduction
SAM    Scavenge Air Mosturization
SDS     Smoke Detection System
SDNR  Screw Down Non-Return Valve
SWL    Safe Working Load
SART   Search and Rescue Transponder
SW      Sea Water
TCP     Turbine Control Panel
TDC     Top Dead Centre           
UMS    Unmanned Machinery Spaces
UTC     Coordinated Universal Time
UPS     Uninterruptible Power Supply
VOCs   Volatile Organic Compounds
VDR    Voyage Data Recorder           
WHRS Waste Heat Recovery System
WIF     Water in Fuel Emulsions
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